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Future of this board


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With chance for reflection, I might have advocated locking it down on a invite only basis.  As mentioned there are numerous benefits to this:

* a reduced need for moderation

* greater privacy (which is oft needed in this world today)

* a reduced burden for khunSanuk

* keep the riff raff out

* long time members increased esteem (there may be some cache in inviting a new comer to a 'secret' club)


* closing it off could potentially kill the site off (via disinterest, members passing on etc.)

* newcomers through no fault of their own are frosted out

I think we need to look at the reasons for the site failing.  I mean look at Pattaya Addicts.  Their Barstool Banter page is getting bloody 80,000 views per thread!  Sure it is based on smut and racism, misogyny.  And the whole thing is demented.  

It all depends on what you want.  I for one like reading Flash, Mekong, Coss, Bubi, and others comments.  They are insightful and wise.  If you want quality, come to Thai360. 


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"They are insightful and wise." Talk like that, will get you a Duchy, in the secret, super invisible section, of the board :)

I for one would like to leave it as it is, any new members that are up to snuff, will make their mark, or if snuff not enough, they'll leave.

Very much like poking your head inside the door, of the Mangakino Pub, you are brave enough to go in, or yer aint...

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Was/is there any decision? I must admit I left Thailand over a decade ago and rarely visit the forum, but it’s nice to see familiar posters here.

I actually visited the board to see if my old residence Boss Tower in Rama 4 Road was still standing. I last visited BKK in December 2018 and didn’t have the opportunity to check out that area.

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I have posted on the Secretsboard in the past years; e.g. detailed travel reports with several pictures. On this board it was allowed to post pictures with girls.
But in the last years ( 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 )one subgroup has won a clear majority: the generation 65 plus! The so-called “old white men”.
And this subgroup increasingly dominated the topics:
Weather, accommodation, medical care such as pharmacies, doctors, dentists, hospitals, cleaning and domestic help.
In addition good and inexpensive food and drink, as well as meeting places and locations where white old men can meet and chat about
“God and the world” without being disturbed by bargirls.

These topics dominated the board to 80% or 90%.

The central themes of earlier times such as girls and bars and gogos no longer played a role for 65, 70, 75 and 80 year old guys,
The vast majority were long-term vacationers - over 3, 4, 5 months a year, or living in Pattaya all year round.

Nasiadai – Bakwahn


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Many international, English-language boards have disappeared in recent years. They had a good time about 15 to 18 years;
from the mid 90s to about 2012, 2015. Many hundreds, even thousands of members, many contributions, very lively.

The reason they died:
They lacked offspring. The later-born male cohorts did not make it onto the boards.
I suspect very strongly: their income, their money was no longer sufficient to come to LOS and enjoy the Sanuk.

Twenty-seven, thirty years ago, you needed about $100 to buy a day of Sanuk. Today you need about 250 to 280 Dollars.
Income in the West has not improved by these amounts.

I'll make it short in a few words:

* the stagnating or only very weakly growing wages and salaries in most Western countries
* the increase in prosperity in Siam with increased wages
* the strong Baht and the weak Western currencies Dollar, Pound, Euro.

Nasiadai – Bakwahn


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I don't think this board is going back to old lively times.
That would mean that a lot of younger men would make Sanuk-holidays in Siam and come to this board.

* The Euro is on the brink of collapse.
* The English Pound is struggling with the difficulties of Brexit.
* The US Dollar fights with / against China and the trade war and the global economy.

This board will stagnate as listlessly as it has in recent years.

Nasiadai – Bakwahn

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