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I'm wondering what your thoughts are on what we should do with the board. Traffic is pretty low and so is active membership. They way I see it there are 3 options:
- leave it as is
- shut it down entirely
- lock it down

What I mean with that last option is, remove all non-member access and make membership invite only. This would allow for more privacy and less moderation.

I haven't really given this much thought yet, so would welcome input.



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I think it works well enough as it is. Obviously, you might have some concerns as as perhaps it is costing you more money to run it than you want to spend / is causing you grief or worry etc. Unless there are any problems that perhaps we might not be aware of, it would be a shame to see it change and a real shame to see it close down.....perhaps it's nice just knowing that it's still here and if you want to go and say something then you can?

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