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The Covid-19 thread


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10 minutes ago, checkbin said:

Prayut devolved power to order closures elsewhere to provincial level. 

Chonburi provincial government has ordered closure of all entertainment venues 18-31 March 31st, 2020.  Pattaya go sleep now. 

Bars are still open this afternoon, I guess they are claiming that are restaurants? 

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Latest news from the UK (18th March), Corvid 19 cases up by nearly 40% in a DAY, how long before it goes exponential?


This is getting more serious by the day, where will it end, the army on the streets?

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You know it's being taken seriously when the chief Somcahi, has his mask tailored  to match his outfit.

And that's only today's ensemble, I look forward to his 'I am special', yellow, pink, green, orange, blue, purple, and red, fashion statements.

Attention to detail, that's how you handle a crisis....




Full gov’t statement on partial COVID-19 shut down of Bangkok in English

Here is a full-text translation released Wednesday morning of yesterday’s partial shut down orders:

“Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha stated that the Cabinet, during its meeting on 17 March 2020, approved a package of measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

“In his statement televised on the Television Pool of Thailand on 17 March 2020 at 19.00 hr, the Prime Minister said that the measures cover six areas: public health; preventive medical supplies; information, explanations, and the receiving of complaints; foreign affairs; prevention; and remedies.

“Concerning public health, foreigners coming from six infected zones: China, Macao, Hong Kong, South Korea, Italy, and Iran, including countries with continuous transmission of the virus, are required to have health certificates issued in the previous three days, as well as health insurance coverage. They must agree to use the Government’s monitoring application to track them. A 14-day quarantine is another measure to be imposed on them.

“All government officials are not allowed to go abroad during this time, unless there is a necessity. People are also warned not to go to infected countries. Thai people staying overseas are urged not to return to Thailand until the situation improves.

“All hospitals have been instructed to prepare places to accommodate infected persons, and necessary equipment must be acquired to be sufficient to cope with Stage 3 of the outbreak.

“Regarding preventive medical supplies, the production of hygienic masks, hand sanitizers, and other medical supplies is being accelerated. They will also be imported to meet the demand. Online trade of the products will be monitored to prevent hoarding.

“On the area of information, explanations, and the receiving of complaints, the Ministry of Public Health disseminates specific information concerning medical services and public health, in accordance with the Communicable Disease Act. The COVID-19 Information Center gives information on all relevant issues in the overall picture.

“Regarding foreign affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been told to arrange the “Team Thailand,” headed by ambassadors in foreign countries, to take care of Thai people overseas.

“On the area of prevention, universities, international schools, tutorial schools, and other educational institutions will be closed for two weeks, starting from 18 March 2020 onwards. They are required to impose strict preventive measures in accordance with the standards, set by the Ministry of Public Health.

“Boxing stadiums, racecourses, and sports stadiums in Bangkok and its vicinity will be closed temporarily. Pubs, entertainment places, traditional Thai massage shops, fitness centers, spas, and theaters in Bangkok and its perimeter will be closed for 14 days. As for other provinces, provincial governors will make decisions on these issues.

“Activities that include many people will be suspended, such as concerts, trade fairs, and religious, cultural, and sports programs. Shopping malls, markets, government offices, and state enterprises must take preventive measures, set by the Ministry of Public Health. Shops and restaurants must also impose preventive measures, such as cleaning surfaces, using thermo scanners, and wearing hygienic masks.

“Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year, holidays from 13-15 April, 2020, will be postponed. Frequencies of public transport services will be increased to reduce congestion. Inter-provincial movements of many people by military camps, prisons, and schools must be suspended.

“All government offices have been told to consider overlapping working-hours and homeworking, as well as promoting the use of the internet system, such as teleconferencing. Provincial governors and the Bangkok Governor are empowered to impose measures to restrict any movements that may lead to the spread of the virus. Disease control units will be set up urgently in all districts and villages, with the participation of the people’s sector in the surveillance operations.

“Concerning remedies, relevant government agencies have been instructed to work out measures to help affected businesses, such as factories, workplaces, and hotels. The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Interior, and other relevant agencies will come up with measures to help people affected by the economic slowdown and listen to their complaints. Medical personnel will also be given encouragement.

“The Prime Minister said that Thailand is in the process of containing the situation in Stage 2 of COVID-19 as long as possible. The Government regards the fight against COVID-19 as the first priority of the country, as the spread of the disease directly affects the lives of the people. More measures will be issued in accordance with the emerging situation.”


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Gentlemen, Ladies, Cav, I ask you to pause for a moment and consider what happens, when, or more hopefully, if, the modern communications system as we know it, falters or fails.

Which it could do, if enough of our infrastructure is unavailable due to this crisis.

I know a lot of people here, are working from home, well that's fine until the  'lectricity stops, which may not be a problem in Middle Earth, but could easily be an issue in 3rd world countries.

Remember the flooding in Northern Thailand caused by the chap going on a weekend jaunt, with the key to the pumping station in his pocket?

A little forethought and perhaps even planning could be helpful in the days ahead. 


From yesterday, here in Auckland.

I went to the local supermarket, as is my habit, on Wednesday mornings. I was surprised to see that some of the shelves were depleted, still about 60% or more stocked, but normally they are full. So no real shortage of anything here.

As I passed the toilet paper section, I saw this:

All the shelves as I say, 60% or more stocked. Two persons (if I note gender, age and surmised ethnic origin, I will be slapped for my intolerance) approached the same branded packages of toilet paper, there was plenty, more than 20 people could carry, there was adequate access to the paper so they could both pick up a pack or packs, unimpeded if they so wished.

What did they do? they stared fighting over the paper, in some warped view of the world, their "I am more special than you", self image, caused them to resort to fighting, so as to be the first to get some toilet paper.

Just shows that all the Gucci handbags in the world, will not imbue one, with common decency.

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Army to disinfect Bangkok roads nightly

The army will on Thursday morning begin spraying roads in Bangkok with disinfectant to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Army units have been deployed to carry out the daily cleaning from 1am to 5am until the end of the month. The cleaning operation uses water mixed with disinfectant.

The spraying, approved at a high-level meeting of army units chaired by army chief Apirat Kongsompong, will be carried out the Army Air Defence Artillery Unit and the Army Chemical Department, said deputy army spokeswoman Col Sirichan Ngathong...


Will this help and to what extent????

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