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New ATM fee


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Pulled some cash via both SCB and Kasikorn ATM machines....both still have the 200 baht fee plus now they have a 3.9% transaction fee....WTF is this????

Pulling from my USA account, last month only had the 220 Baht....

Didn't have the 3.9% fee last month!!!

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With regards to the exchange rate, IIRC there is a screen where it asks if you want to accept the exchange rate. Always say No, as that will result in the actual rate being used rather than the suggested one by the bank (which is inevitably in their favor).
Same goes for paying with Paypal, always pay in the original currency as that results in a better exchange rate.


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Using a Thai ATM to draw funds out of my USA bank account at Schwab, I get refunded the 220 Baht fee. I asked Schwab if they will refund the 3.9% also, waiting their reply. If Schwab doesn't refund the 3.9% fee, then I will do a wire transfer once a year or whatever suits me, playing the exchange rate game.

The wire transfer fee is (was? haven't check it is a while) $25, which is cheaper then the 3.9%, at least for me...

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On 5/17/2020 at 4:28 PM, cavanami said:

I take out 20,000 baht

780 baht, the new fee

220 baht, the old fee = 1000 baht total fees! plus maybe a decent exchange rate, maybe not....grrrrrrr......

You get the 220 Baht back so only 780 Baht fee not 1000, stop bloody moaning 😉 hehe

I have wired money for years now, always been the best option for me.

The last transfer I made lasted ages then I realized the malls were locked down why did they reopen?

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