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Eden 'club' closed


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From Mr Stick this week

Legendary soi 7/1 house of fun Eden Club is closing in its current location. It will reopen in a new location when the airport reopens and tourists return.

Oh dear, what a pity, never mind. There is always Daisy Dream on Soi 33, a place that appears to give a better service without harassing customers, you can leave an honest review there without being threatened. 🤐 As I always said Eden was mainly for tourists straight off the plane.

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Something undefinable deep within my inner self pulls me about every second afternoon for late lunch into the seafood restaurant in 7/1 on the left. Neither the food is worth the money nor the group of elderly German/Swiss gentlemen sitting round a table every single day drinking beer.

From there I watch the establishments on the opposite side asking myself why for heaven´s sake many gentlemen seem to enjoy  female pleasures offered by ladies short of final retirement and due for a visit at the nearest weightwatchers club. I therefore regret Eden Club closing doors because it reduces the potential of things I can worry about.

On my first visit to Bangkok in 1996 / April I was strolling down Sukh when I noticed a signpost EDEN CLUB within an alley. I went inside and orderd a Gin Tonic. A French man politely explained me that this is a whorehouse and not interested in selling drinks only. He then explained the coordinates of Nana Plaza and I left. The man was friendly I must say. God bless him , his name was Marc.

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Stickman includes it in a list of 'Bars" which have closed over the years, all of them are bars and a go go's but the Eden was neither, being a brothel posing as some sort of club.

'Eden Club was never the same when it changed hands and Marc was no longer involved'

Well that must have been an improvement then 😝








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