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Happy Meals: cannabis-infused cuisine now being served


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Prachin Buri’s hospital offers cannabis dishes and snacks to enthusiastic patrons

No culinary trend could possibly beat the gastronomical delights of a cannabis menu! Just a read of the menu that features such names as “jolly cookies”, “giggling bread”, “beaming tempura” and “happy pizza” puts food patrons immediately at ease.

The names aren’t typical for Thai food but this is a menu that will keep expanding. The Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital in Prachin Buri has created a pilot restaurant project aiming to bring back the health benefits of cannabis to the Thai kitchen followingThailand’s de-listing of cannabis as a narcotic.

Called “Ma Chim Kan”, which roughly translates as “Let’s taste (cannabis)”, the restaurant is still in its infancy but has already caused a stir among enthusiasts. People travel from near and far to the hospital just to taste the “happy meals” and many come for takeaways...





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My very first encounter with a Thai lass, was stunning looking girl, named Jahleeya.

She said she was a Police Colonel's mistress and that she took great delight, when cooking for her Colonel and his guests, to put lots of Cannabis in the food and then watch as the "straights" were buzzed through the evening.

I asked her where she got the ganja from and she said "everywhere".

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