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Covid - your thoughts please


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As I may have said in the past, it is my contention that any virus, due to it's hobby, of constant mutation, will inevitably mutate to become less harmful over time.

Still as nasty, for the wearer perhaps, but probably less fatal.

But then, as the Chinese seem to be geolocated, at the epicentre, perhaps their stocks of virus are "fresher".

As a recipient of 4 doses, of whatever vaccine, was in the syringe, I am fairly confident that I wouldn't die, if I catch the thing.

I still keep my distance from others and avoid the crowds (excepting one cinema outing), as even though non fatal, sickness of any kind, can ruin one's week.

And so I'm off to the temple today for Tak Baht, free lunch and eye candy, wish me luck.

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Plenty of people around myself did catch the virus recently, looks as if it develops something like a flue in the old days. Due to the multiple shots with a very efficient vaccine there are very few severe cases now, mostly really old  people. So what about the Chinese low efficiency vaccine - people, nobody knows.

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Bubi, thank you for your update, on your portion of the larger herd.

I say this, not because it seems to agree with my (usually misguided) thoughts, but because I seem to remember, that you may have knowledge of, or access to knowledge, in this kind of area or associated areas. I.e. health of Homo Sapiens as it relates to  infectious agents.

But then my memory is holey sometimes (not holy).

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