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Covid - your thoughts please


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  • 4 months later...

The country registered 1,902 new Covid-19 cases under treatment and 32 more fatalities during the previous 24 hours, the Public Health Ministry announced on Thursday morning, with a gradual increase in severe cases over the past two weeks.

Why are they still scaremongering and posting statistics when the death rate is now relative low.

By comparison Influenza killed 31,289 Thais in 2020, 85+ per day, nearly 3 times what Covid does.

Why are Flu deaths not reported on a daily basis, why is the country not in lockdown, Thai Pass, Insurance, Face Masks, close bars etc etc.  …   E cause it’s just the Flu, people die, get over it.

Nowadays Covid it just Covid, something we live with, get over it and move on. Thailand is scared of its own shadow if recent reports are anything to go by, Covid Deaths (Less than Flu) Man DOES NOT have Monkeypox, what next “Woman in Korat does not have Ebola”, “Schoolboy in Udon does not have Polio” or “Black Plague not detected in Chiang Rai”

I really am turning into Victor Meldrew 555

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Strange source you provide


Covid isn't even listed as a cause of death in 2020


Meanwhile in 2020 Flu plunged according to this




Bit odd, your claim of 31,000 is a bit weird



Why are they still scaremongering and posting statistics when the death rate is now relative low.

By comparison Influenza killed 31,289 Thais in 2020, 85+ per day, nearly 3 times what Covid does.>>


12 deaths in a month is considered high






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Don’t shoot the messenger 

I can only assume that the 31,289 figure for Influenza and Pneumonia I. 2020 includes Covid-19 

The 32 per day being reported now is 11,680 per annum placing it 13 on the list between HIV and Breast Cancer and below Kidney disease, Liver disease, diabetes and other.

The point is still valid, why is a Newspaper publishing headlines about 32 deaths per day when 61 per day are killed in Road Traffic Accidents or 62 from Alzheimer’s / Dementia.

Wny no headline, “ 61 deaths per day on our roads is unacceptable, why do the police let it continue?” Or the like

Amazing they could get a whole nation to wear face masks but can’t get all motorcyclists to wear crash helmets.

When the virus was at its peak the figures were relevant but not anymore and are just scaremongering for people who cannot see the whole picture.

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I've got covid now. I brought self-test kits from the US so maybe I wouldn't have a bad surprise when I get tested pre-flight. I was feeling unusually tired a few days ago so I tested myself. Instantly there were two lines. "I'm pregnant!"

I am self quarantining for 5 days and I want to get out of here. I called China Airlines to change my ticket to 10 days earlier and they wanted $5000 for the change. The original round trip ticket was $4300. So they want more to get me out of here one way than the cost of my round trip. I didn't go for that and kept my original departure date.

Then there's no guarantee you're going anywhere until you can show a negative test within 24 hours of the flight. It can get so ugly.

But the covid symptoms were very mild so that wasn't a problem. And I am fully vaxxed with Pfizer and 2 boosters. When I got my second booster I bought my plane ticket because I assumed the vaccine would be strong while I was here. Wrong again.

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As you found out yourself, vaccination does not stop you getting sick but you won´t be the star at the next funeral. It is becoming routine.

That is very rude from China Airlines, I changed dates twice with Etihad fraudulently claiming Covid-reasons. They even offered 300 USD premium if I left the money in their ´travel bank´ for next time. Which I did.

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Lads, Ladies, the following is based on no established Scientific report made public. I am proffering an opinion of my own, having been a prosumer of biological information all my life:

I've said it before and did so at the beginning, cupla years ago. Viruses that cause death and other bad health outcomes in the host population, will, over time, cause less serious effects in the host population. Also the virus may die out, or conversely become so mild the the population finds it endemic.

This is based on evolution, in that, if the virus killed all the hosts there'd be no place to live, ergo, extinction for the viruses too. It's in the virus' interest to not kill the host. Mind you, the virus doesn't know what it's doing, has no brain you see, purely a numbers game for evolution.

My observation is that:

We are all aware of the many mutations that this virus (group of similar viruses) has generated. What are not reported are the benign mutations. The ones that have no, or very little effect on the host (us).

The serious versions are still with us. We've found that deaths (in us humans) is caused in members of the population, who have, less than top notch immune systems. Individuals with top notch immune systems, may escape death (no guarantees).

Also, the vaccinations, are instrumental in avoiding death, though not avoiding infection completely in all folk. Vaccinations recommended.

My medical observations are sourced from

a/, my mate who is the top dog at a hospital's ICU in Perth, and

b/, Nurse Neighbour who tends to covid patrons in local hospital, in a space suit.

Amongst the many Covid variants floating around in the population there are some that are mild enough, that they are being written off as Flu. Indeed I just had a week of very bad illness, like the Flu, but I had a RAT test and so it was not Covid (maybe, see later). I experienced no loss of taste or smell. So probably Flu. It was confined to upper part of respiratory system, even the coughing was back of throat stuff, not deep lung stuff.

So my supposition is that Covid will be with us, for a few more years at least, but that the deaths will tail off and be confined to people, who are immune system deficient.

This is why I think that all the Covid restrictions are now being eased, but that deaths as a pure number, are up.

Everyone is getting it, but as a percentage it's not killing large numbers.

e.g. if death rate  is 10% of 1,000 people that's 100 people. But if something is 1% of 10,000 that's also 100 people.

Lastly I think that the plethora of virus variants, has resulted in some that appear as Flu and are not picked up on tests.

Mainly because what I had, was like no Flu I've had before.

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11 hours ago, gawguy said:

But the covid symptoms were very mild so that wasn't a problem.

Just an opinion, you may have shed enough of the virus by "test before flight" time to pass.

Good Luck


An aside:

I wonder how many people are turning up to testing rigmaroles, with a negative one,  they "did an hour ago" on the neighbours cat, in a wee plastic bag in their pocket?

I'm getting golf ball cut out of my armpit on Monday, dunno how it got in there.

I'll investigate the opportunities to 'game' the pre surgery RAT test.


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