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Thailand Pass set to replace CoE


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42 minutes ago, baa99 said:

Edge uses the Chrome backend, so if it works on Edge it should work on Chrome. I think it's just random errors on an overloaded and under tested system.

Should is a futile word. It's about what didn't happen. It belongs in a parallel universe. It belongs in another dimension of space.” 

Even Microsoft website recommends testing Websites developed for Edge on Chrome. Just because they use the same basic source code does not mean each version does not have differences. 


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12 hours ago, Coss said:

Christ Kong, I was 20 years in desktop publishing and web development, I was trying to put it in simple terms.

I wondered if your comment, was suggesting that jpg or png, had been superseded by another format... i.e. SVG

I wasn’t trying to tell you to Teach your Gran how to suck eggs, but there are more people than you an i who read th board / this thread.

I am an ignoramus on graphic file types since j have no involvement in DTP or web design, just know the basics, or my interpretation of.

  • PNG Massive 
  • JPG. Moderate
  • PDF. Small

I just like small file sizes as attachments to emails, non of my photos would qualify for the Sony World Photography Award, so any slight loss in quality is of no consequence since I only send photos of equipment at work which my current phone takes better than my 12 year old compact camera.

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One week in and they are still saying Thailand Pass Bugs To Be Fixed

Who said little teething problems would be sorted out 

They are telling people with Hotmail and Yahoo email accounts to open a Gmail one and are “In discussions with Microsoft” how to resolve this issue.

How is it a Microsoft problem, their customer email accounts work with literally 100’s of Thousands websites, may it mot be a Thailand Pass website issue.

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No idea what they used, the conundrum is one that serious web devs, face every day, when they meet a new client. Also existing clients.

Usually goes like this: (using automobiles as examples)

Client wants a Rolls Royce or Bentley.

Has budget for a second hand Morris Minor.

Client doesn't understand the difference, because code is just gibberish, ergo valueless.

Developer offers A/. Ferrari (expensive to maintain) - B/. Toyota family sedan (adequate, mid priced) - C/. LiFan 3 wheel moto pickup (cheap, will get you there).

Client chooses LiFan.


Parables aside:

Usually IT people, are folk who go off and do some Microsoft courses, pass, and provided, they never vary from the Microsoft manuals, they do OK.

This is because there  a gazillion MS powered computers out there. The reason for this, is bean counters.

I used to tell the accountants: "Sure you can do desktop publishing on a Windows PC, but by the time you factor in the support costs, from the constant blue screens, it'll be cheaper to buy Macintosh.  

Then there are the serious web folk who have the degrees. Also others, who teach themselves anything they need to know.

I've never rated MS internet server much. Brighter people than me,  achieve better results with Linux, at 10% of the cost.

Accountants need safety. So they buy what other accountants buy.

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