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Monkey Pox - no, not a joke


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Emergency WHO meeting over monkeypox spread: 'We should take it seriously'


The World Health Organisation is reportedly convening an emergency meeting to discuss the alarming spread of the monkeypox virus around the world.

The United Nations' health authority is bringing together leading experts on the rare disease as a number of new countries announced their first confirmed cases on Friday, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Eleven countries — including Australia, the US, Spain and Italy — have now detected monkeypox, in the first global outbreak of its kind...



Apparently small pox vaccine works against it



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Just found out I have already had my Monkeypox Vaccination and am about 85% protected.

You see, my parents weren’t “anti vaxxers” and had me inoculated as a child, one of which, amongst many, was smallpox

They stopped it in 1971 in the UK, so anyone 50+ from UK is probably vaccinated.

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Yeah I was surprised to see that Smallpox vaccination is still around.


I'm vaccinated,


Interestingly my far younger wife is vaccinated they didn't stop in Thailand till quite a while after Oz


Reminds me of the wonderful pro-vax cartoon during COVID.


"Mummy whats that mark on your arm"?


That's my smallpox vaccination so I didn't get smallpox


"Why don't I have one mummy"


Because vaccinations work

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Wife is younger than 50 :)


Last endemic case was about 45 years ago I think in Somalia,


So Vaccination continued I'd expect for a while after,


Wonderful what a vaccination can do.


Interestingly the "Heard Immunity" idea is no longer viable, too many variants in Covid


But if we had been able to do the mass vaccination early on we could have wiped it

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