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Eion Musk personally called CEOs of companies that stopped advertising on Twitter to complain

A number of leading media buyers and advertising agencies say that almost all the major brands they act for have stopped ad spending on Twitter, ...

 - Whinge, moan, complain, grumble, mumble, cry, complain, complain, complain  - 



Turns out there was huge money in Twitter advertising.

Now Mr Musk is crying because the money is drying up.

The equation goes like this from Musk's point of view ::  "I'm Rich" = "you give me money"

In reality it's :: IF("Twitter is palatable to advertisers", "money coming", "money not coming")


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On 10/31/2022 at 12:19 PM, My Penis is hungry said:

I'm not sure there is that much advertising $'s in twatter?

...Advertising services generated $4.5 billion, or about 89%, of Twitter's revenue in FY 2021. The segment's revenue rose 40.5% compared to FY 2020. 

Twitter generates most of its advertising revenue by selling promoted products, including Promoted Ads and Twitter Amplify, Follower Ads, and Twitter Takeover, to advertisers...


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Musk bans Journalists

...Twitter on Thursday evening suddenly suspended several high-profile journalists who cover the platform and Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world, who acquired the company just a few months ago. 

Hours after the suspensions took hold, Musk faced off with one of the journalists he suspended in a Twitter Space audio discussion before an audience of more than 30,000 listeners. The suspended journalist, along with several others, found a backdoor way onto the platform through the website's audio function.

“You doxx, you get suspended. End of story. That's it,” Musk said, explaining his latest policy to the group, before he left minutes after having joined the discussion. 

Musk was referring to Twitter's latest rule change about accounts that track private jets, including one owned by Musk himself, which was put in place Wednesday. 

The audio discussion and the Twitter’s Spaces feature was abruptly shut down after Musk exited the conversation. Musk tweeted, "we're fixing a Legacy bug. Should be working tomorrow."...








I'm still lacking in the knowledge and the desire, that would enable me to use twatter.

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He reported her dead on Wednesday going on memory, 


That was backed up by some internal royal messages I had seen posted


Gotta keep her alive till everyone is home, 


And while it's never been discussed much, she was very much a candidate for succession, that being his main point, 


Follow him on Fartbook - he seems on top of things, 

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