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Imran Khan: Pakistan ex-prime minister wounded at protest march


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5 hours ago, Coss said:

I've always thought, that being a middling cricket player, was no qualification, to run a large and populous Muslim nation...

Obviously being a Kiwi your cricket knowledge is rather limited, Imran Khan is ranked Fourth on the all time greatest cricketers list, above Ian Botham, Shane Warne, Viv Richards and many more, hardly middling.

Also, why specify “Muslim Nation” would it be OK if it was a Christian or Hindi natiion?

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Like I said, middling- 4th is "also ran".

And if we were to use "Greatest Cricketers in History, All-Time Ranking" he's not even in the top 10. 



1 hour ago, Mekong said:

Also, why specify “Muslim Nation” would it be OK if it was a Christian or Hindi natiion?

Because it is a Muslim Nation, if it was Christian or Hindi or Pastafarian I would have specified, Christian or Hindi or Pastafarian, it isn't. I try to be concise.

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But what relevance does religion have?

You don’t refer to Thailand or Laos as “Buddhist Nations”, nor Russia as “Russian Orthodox” or even the USA as “Christian” so why specify that Pakistan is a “Muslim” Country ? Why specify the religion of Pakistan and not other countries.

You still know diddly squat about cricket.

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56 minutes ago, Mekong said:

But what relevance does religion have?

None, you could equally object to my use of the descriptors "large" or "populous" or "nation".

59 minutes ago, Mekong said:

Why specify the religion of Pakistan and not other countries.

Why not?

58 minutes ago, Mekong said:

You still know diddly squat about cricket.

Yes. See NZ's performances, we play to lose.

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Definitely Not a Christian Thing

Father who stabbed daughter in broad daylight at Sefton Park said 'she deserved it', court hears

A police crime scene investigation van parked in a shopping centre car park
The victim was stabbed at the Sefton Plaza Shopping Centre car park in 2021.(ABC News: Mahalia Carter)

South Australia's Supreme Court has heard a father who stabbed his daughter in an Adelaide car park told his family "she deserved it" for dating a Christian man.

During Thursday's sentencing submissions, prosecutors told the court that family members worked together to track down the woman, 21, and help hold her down as her father stabbed her with a large kitchen knife at Sefton Plaza Shopping Centre in November 2021.

"There was excess 2,500 texts and calls from every member of the family trying to contact the complainant," prosecutor Michael Foundas told the court.

The woman suffered a perforated kidney, lacerated liver and significant internal bleeding and was "bundled into the back" of a car after the attack occurred.

The court heard the victim was driven to her family home and put into the shower where she was profusely bleeding, before emergency services arrived after being called by witnesses.

"The public nature and the brazenness of which this was committed demonstrates there's a greater broader community affected by this offending," Mr Foundas said.

"Clearly the offending has had a profound and devastating effect on the complainant."

Two women with their faces blurred entering court.
The victim's sister (left) and mother (right) have pleaded guilty to causing harm with intent. (ABC News)

The victim's mother and father, brother, sister and brother-in law were originally charged with serious offences including attempted murder, but previously pleaded guilty to lesser charges. 

The father pleaded guilty to an aggravated charge of causing serious harm, while the other family members pleaded guilty to a non-aggravated charge of causing harm with intent.

They also pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment.

Two of the victim's brothers pleaded guilty to aggravated serious criminal trespass.

Prosecutors said the family was trying to punish her for bringing shame after she developed a relationship with a man from a different faith who she met through her university.

She was previously arranged to marry her cousin in northern Pakistan and the crime had been described as an "attempted honour killing".

An old stone building with columns
The court heard the attack has had a "devastating effect" on the victim. (ABC News: Che Chorley)

On Thursday, some of the family members cried as submissions were read out.

Police footage at the home after the stabbing shows a conversation between family members with the father saying "why did she do this?" and "she deserves this".

Justice Sandi McDonald heard that the mother used "emotional manipulation" to try and contact the daughter, and initially lied to police and said she was not aware how the victim got injured.

The mother's lawyer, Andrew Culshaw said his client was trying to help the victim after the stabbing by putting her in the shower.

Father had 'best interests in mind', lawyer argues

The father's defence lawyer Chris Weir said his client was attempting to protect his daughter from the boyfriend's intentions.

"His daughter was with a man … a man who he did not know and he also had concerns that the man might of not had his daughter's best interests in mind," Mr Weir said.

"It was his intention to remove her from that situation and bring her home.

"His intention to cause her serious harm was in the heat of that moment."

Mr Weir said his client was deeply saddened.

"He's also very sorry for the way in which has effectively ripped apart his family," Mr Weir said.

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