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2022 FIFA World Cup


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A post, from another forum I frequent, summing up the "Kiwi Bloke's" point of view:

"Argentina wins the world cup this morning. We have plenty of Argy friends and they are not exactly what you would call gracious winners. Preparing myself for lots of chest beating and arrogance over a game I actually could not care less about."

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4 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

An unforgettable game, football at it´s very best.

True from the 70th minute onwards, for the first 69 minutes France didn’t turn up and it was all Argentina. France were so bad they made two substitutes before half time. People saying “Best Final Ever” are either too young or too senile to remember Brazil v Italy in 1970.

You have to feel for Mbappe, top scorer of the tournament, a hat trick in the Final and still on the losing team but in the other hand this cements Messi as the greatest of todays current crop of players and shuts up the argument of Messi v Ronaldo.

Most world cup appearances - Messi
Most world cup assists - Messi
Most world cup player of the match awards - Messi
Most world cup player of the tournament awards - Messi
Most world cup goal contributions - Messi
Most international goals in a calendar year - Messi
1st player to score in every round at the world cup - Messi

Wheras Ronaldo has been sacked by Manchester United and without a Club, haha hissy fit when Subbed in a game and was dropped only to see his replacement score a hat trick in next match, stormed off down the tunnel when knocked out by Morocco whilst he team mates saluted their fans, NOT A WORLD CUP WINNER. I bet his ego is taking one hell of a beating.



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9 hours ago, Mekong said:

..... where’ as others (Bubi Included) may argue that Geoff Hurst’s second didn’t cross the line in ‘66.

Of course id did not although we are talking about alternative facts here as it depends only on the nationality to feel sure whether it did cross or not. There has been a similar thing with the Japanese recently, could have sworn the ball was outside but if you look from the top there is 1 centimeter missing, therefore it did not "fully cross" the line.


A pity that Messi had to share his triumph with arseholes like the Shejk and Infantino. The latter needs to be incarcerated, I read Boris Becker has been pardoned so there must be space available.

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