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The Return of Khun Short-Time (Part 2)


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Bangkok Thailand

December 25, 2022

Greetings Gentleman and Merry Christmas to all!  Ho!Ho!Ho!

As promised, I’ll continue my recent Bangkok wanderings and old-fart ramblings with a tour of the go-go (mostly) watering holes.

The Bars:

Should you desire to visit the major Bangkok entertainment areas after more then ten years, where do you begin? Some might say with NanaEntertainmentPlaza since it probably attracts more visitors than any other with its three floors of whores. Soi Cowboy still seems to have its share of loyal fans and they might beg to differ. Instead, I’m going to start at the bottom with the oldest, dirtiest, seediest and most loathed - the one and only Patpong!

For those who don’t give a hoot about Patpong, you can scroll down to my summary and skip the details.

Patpong seems to have always been at the top of everyone’s shit-list. Of the guys I have met I can count on one hand, the number that would be willing to visit the place without being chained and dragged there from a tuk-tuk. Why?

Down on the ‘pong everyone is on the game. Back when it was booming it was surreal - like something out of a Salvador Dali movie. Certainly the most aversive aspect of all had to be the night-market with its overly aggressive pesky sales totes that blocked the narrow walkways, always (more on this later). I’ve already mentioned the taxi mafia which adds trench warfare to your escape plans when it comes time to withdraw (BTS only runs till midnight). Not to be forgotten are the notorious upstairs clip joints of the past with their forbidden sex-shows. Is the Rose hotel still in business, anyone?

Regardless of all the above mentioned problems, and more, I have to confess I’ve always loved the place.

What might outweigh all these negatives? A couple of things come to mind - namely Patpong had the best go-go bars and historically the best looking go-go girls (in my humble opinion). Also, I like to listen to classic rock, not that insulting rap/techno noise found everywhere today, and Patpong had maybe four or even five go-go’s which cranked the stuff out continuously. Names like: Safari, Kiss, Supergirls/Superstars, and maybe Thigh Bar or Gold Finger (can’t recall for sure) come to mind. Additionally, I’ve always thought the better Pong bars just had a better party atmosphere with the most fun girls, and I like to have fun. So shoot me!

Reflecting back on how the pong was prior to its demise, it just might be the case that the night-market congestion, together with all the knockoff bargain shoppers and hustling totes added extra energy and excitement to the place – even a sense of danger. You could feel the energy. I have seen a couple things happen down there, both inside and outside the bars and have also heard some stories…

The hustling totes, as mentioned, were the most aggressive and determined I’ve encountered anywhere, currently they are all gone. Some would just not take no for an answer. I recall being down there one night with Bluto and two or three others. A tote had attached himself surgically to Bluto like a slug in tow, forcing on him sex-show pictures or something, relentlessly, even after Bluto repeatedly told him in Thai he wasn‘t interested. As we all made our way down the pong at snails pace, he got louder and became more threatening. Things got very tense indeed and for a moment I thought it was going to end violently with Bluto forced to punch this guy out - and then I don’t know what the hell would have happened! But my concerns proved to be unwarranted since Bluto, always the gentleman diplomat expertly managed to defuse the explosive situation and said slug finally got the message, detached, and backed off. Should this have happened to anyone else things might have gone very differently.

Back to the girls - as far as quality goes the Kings Group bars were hard to beat in this respect, that is if you could cope with the shitty music and stomach the pricy pay-for-play fees the girls there were asking (Kings and Queens Castle 1 & 2 for instance). I’d add Kings Group must have always taken good care of their girls as they seemed very loyal. Perhaps they are sex slaves? I can’t ever recall meeting a go-go girl in NEP or Cowboy that had worked the ‘pong. That may have changed nowadays though.

As mentioned above, since Kings Group always had a reputation for having a stable full of super hot babes, I visited both KingsCastle 1 & 2 for a soda. I was not surprised to find KC1 had a knock-out lineup of lovely’s. The place was so thick with stunners you could hardly find a seat without climbing over one or two! While I was eyeballing the candy something occurred to me – it seemed there were noticeably fewer girls with tattoos. Maybe some of you fellas prefer your girls covered head-to-toe with skin illustrations, but I don’t. It’s just my personal opinion, but I’ve never seen anyone who looked better with a tattoo. While you would not be out of luck there if tattoos are your thing, many seemed to have none at all. To me this adds quality to the girls worth paying for.

And pay you will! While the barfine is only 600B - which is the lowest I found in any BKK a-go-go. The going rate for the girls is 3500B and if past experience is any guide that’s about what you’ll end up paying in a KG bar. If you waited till 1:30 you might get a little better price, but with the BF only being 600B you would be picking from leftovers. So, if you see the girl of your wet-dreams there you might as well just cough it up, suck it in, and call it a special night and splurge a little.

A few locked doors down you’ll find Kings Castle II which was hardly in the same league as KG1. It had perhaps only a third as many girls. Quality also was not quite up to the mark of KG1. However, they did have two or three tiny little girls dancing there that at a glance you might think were 10 years old as they were only about four feet tall - cute as hell though. Of course upon closer examination they were all of legal age, but some guys are turned on by such little petite darlings, so if you are one of these, this might be your place.

(Note: I want to be very clear here – I’m not suggesting anything that might interest the likes of the late Jeffrey Epstein, or his low-life pals Clinton and Gates who are all confirmed pedophiles by association. Some guys just like smaller girls and that’s no crime as long as they are of legal age, which is the case here.)

Moving on down PP1 I was in search of one of my old haunts mentioned earlier, so what remains today of these? NOT MUCH!! Of the classic rock go-go’s mentioned, the only one still in business is Thigh Bar, so I dropped in for a coke. Big mistake, a Coca Cola there will set you back 300B! The girls would not be worthy of a barfine even if their services were included! And classic rock? Forget it. Suffice to say I’ll never visit Thigh Bar again and would suggest you fellows give it a miss as well!

Things are a little different over on Patpong 2. A few more customers around but the entire Soi is now gay with only a few exceptions. About the only bars I ever visited there with any regularity was Electric Blue and occasionally Pink Panther. I’d also have to include Star of Light, but that was a BJ bar not a go-go. I noticed their old sign but didn’t see an entrance so most likely its no longer in business. Even if it is you can bet the ‘girl’ behind the little curtain opposite your bar-stool will most certainly be a ladyboy (truth be told at least some always were - if that matters with your beer goggles on!).

As mentioned, not all the bars on PP2 are Ladyboy bars although it appears that way without close scrutiny. Pink Panther (sure sounds gay) is not, so I entered the place for a look-see. I was told the girls there are 100% female and they looked it. Surprisingly, the place had an over abundance of girls with some real lookers present. Sorry, in my brief walk thru I did not inquire as to pricing, but the girls looked good. Down on the other end of PP2 there are a couple other non-ladyboy bars, one called XXX something, I can’t recall the other but one is the former home of Electric Blue. Across the Soi, Cosmos is also gone, but it wasn’t a go-go bar anyway.

Patpong Summary: It was mostly quite depressing as it is a mere shadow of its former glory days. Most of the old bars still have their signs in place but are probably closed forever. On the plus side (I guess) the night-market is essentially gone as well. The KingsCastle bars are open for business and they have a plethora of hot sexy babes inside to choose from, but it’s not for bargain hunters and never was. All of the other Kings Group bars such as the Queens Castles and Kings Corner’s are gone. I only noticed one upstairs joint on PP1 open for the pussy-show business (can’t recall the name, not sure it had one). Patpong 1 is in dire need of customers, but absent any new reason to go there I don’t see this likely to change.

Aside from Pink Panther, most punters will not want to venture any closer than a bulls roar to Patpong 2 as it is somewhat radioactive. You have been warned! Sadly, the reports I’ve read indicating that Patpong may be fading out for good ring true. Another possibility might be PP1 could go all gay and the entire area transformed into another ‘BoysTown’. I can’t say as my crystal ball is broken.

End of part two. Part three (coming) – Short-Time continues his bar crawl with NEP, Cowboy, BG7, Lolita’s, Thermae and more…

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Good Posting ST thanks for the effort.

Not that I have been to a bar area in well over 15 years, when I did venture out I always had a soft spot for the ‘Pong, probably because it was where I first got my taste of Bangkok nightlife back in ‘89.

I enjoyed it daytime, especially an afternoon sat outside the old Madrid Bar (Now Moved) watching them set up the night market (Was only closed for Covid, will be back I have heard). Spent many an afternoon observing such and with fellow BM’s on occasions.

What I liked about the  ‘Pong was the mixture of “Normal” bars (Madrid, Crown Royal etc) and the GoGo’s, whereas NEP only had Woodstocks Cowboy The Old Ship and Clinton Plaza The Living Room, all sadly lost to history now. 

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.


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4 hours ago, short-time said:

the barfine is only 600B - which is the lowest I found in any BKK a-go-go. The going rate for the girls is 3500B and if past experience is any guide that’s about what you’ll end up paying in a KG bar.

Woof! whilst personally, I'd have to marshal a range of medications, to ensure my performance and survival, I don't see the price point as unreasonable.

600 BF, not much up from the 500 of before, and I was paying 3000 for some from Soi 33, on occasion, so 10-ish years later, I'd be happy to engage at these price levels.

On the other hand, years of happiness with MLG and the monger gene might be rusty. I'll find out one day no doubt.

Thanks Khun Short time for the report, awaiting part 3 with salivation.

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A good friend of mine, an ex Bangkok monger who is fluent in Spanish used to go to Columbia annually about 10 years ago. Always Raving about it but I never went with him because my Spanish is limited to Uno Cerveza Por Favor and Felix Navidad, dang had a big enough problem communicating with the Chilean whores in Madrid.

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