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Young'uns don't understand.


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COSBOA says small business owners should not assume younger employees can handle cyber security just because they are tech savvy. 


So this is not just me being a grumpy old man.

My limited interactions with those under 30~35 who profess to work in IT, have led me to believe, that they don't want to understand how things work, they only are interested in a finished product.

Suggesting that they might want to write code, that is not a copy and paste of something that's existing, will only get blank stares.


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Something most people of our generation have known for quite a while now. The problem with younger people is that they think they know everything when in fact they know very little.

It is fun seeing a Gen Z using modern technology and pointing out

  • Internet, Tim Berners Lee is 67 now
  • Microsoft Bill Gated is also 67
  • Apple Steve Jobs would have been 67
  • Android OS Andy Rubinis 58
  • Iphone Johnny Ive is 57
  • Google Larry Page and Sergi Brin both 49

Everything they use was invented by Boomers / Gen X yet they have the opinion that anyone over the age of 35 is past it and “Too Old to Understand”

”I work in IT” seems to be the default job description for a thing to do with technology nowadays, be it Social Media Manager, User Experience Expert (UX) or Sustainability Manager etc, most don’t have a clue about the actual technology behind their job titles.

Today “Work in IT” is just one step up from “Model and Rapper”. In my day, in the UK, University was for the best students, 15% at most, today it is 62%, doing useless degrees such as media studies or underwater basket weaving and THINK this useless degree makes them superior to their predecessors.

Again UK bias, the great education con, let anybody and everybody go to university (actually most are rebranded polytechnics) for four years and run up student debt, a great way of keeping them off the unemployment figures until they reach 22 years of age. So instead of being unemployed at 16 you are now unemployed at 22 with a useless degree and £45,000 student debt. And these are the people some trust with cyber security.




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OK, I was guilty of using Internet and WWW as if they were interchangeable, which they are not.

TimBL invented the WWW. (Or the Internet as 99% of people know it)

The Internet alone is boring. Just a bunch of interconnected computers that the WWW works on, it is the WWW that has the information.

People say “Check it out on the Internet” not “Check it out on the WWW” or “Use an Internet Search Engine” when in fact it is a Web Search Engine

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You're probably right, I remember the cloud symbol too.

But Joe Lunchbox thinks the cloud is somehow, a distributed melange, making any data Joe puts there, more secure.

As we know, it's a bunch of servers and storage owned by who ever is selling the service.

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I sorta have my own private cloud 3TB aka Apple AirPort Time Capsule. I have it set up so I can access it from anywhere with an internet connection, a pity that Apple have discontinued them, probably eating into iCloud profits 555.

Apart fro “Free” iCloud the only other I use is “Free” Dropbox. 
Nowadays Contracts, Standards, Specifications and other Documentation are all PDF so you can Sirote a shed load of docs in a small space. 
I do/did this to view Project Documentation on my iPad when away from my desk such as on site or in meetings, damn handy especially when you hijack the Bluetooth projector in the conference room :)

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The "I"nternet is somewhere, my job for so long was to move that cache around.


WWW is really only the interface


It uses the TCP IP Protocols - to move everything around, 


Yes - back before www moving things around was a major pain

I took me often 8 - 12 hours to transmit a single image from one side of the world to the other, 


And if the connection dropped


 . . . . . . . . 


The geek in me finds the internet far more interesting than www


By the way


Most young people don't even use www


It's all "apps"


And TCP IP of course


"rasberry" (pi) 

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