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The Irish pub


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The Irish pub, my earliest memories of Cowboy.

I don’t know why, but the Irish Pub was my afternoon, 'beer and cigs' out front, go to,  when ever I was in LOS.

It was there, I learnt that Dancing Shrimp, were usually caught in the nearest drainage ditch or Klong and that the subsequent intestinal evacuations, were their fault. Early ‘90s I believe, though at ~30 yrs ago, not much is left in the memory buckets.

Another, just 'round the corner on Sukhumvit Soi 23, heading back to Sukhumvit proper, was a little Tourist restaurant, I often dined in. Duck Tongues, delicious. 

On two occasions I ate there, just before my flight to Phnom Penh and on arrival in Cambodia, you guessed it, explosive intestinal evacuations.

Watch for my next book, Coss Wibble’s Travels - a journey of explosive intestinal evacuations across South East Asia…

I jest.


You may have seen this posted elsewhere - ...raises index finger, taps nose 3 times...

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Speaking of intestinal evacuation, once many years ago in Pattaya, I decided to try durian fruit for the first time, so I bought one from a street vendor. It tasted ok but I was bedridden for about week after eating the fruit.  It didn't occur to me at the time, but the fruit must have been rotten because the vendor gasped when she cut the durian open and looked inside.  Would a Thai street vendor knowingly sell a rotten durian to a unsuspecting foreigner? [The answer is yes, I think.]

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"That photo seems to be from another bar Coss???"

yes, just a photo that popped up and made me remember why I used to sit outside the Irish bar.  

The elves would congregate, as we all know, outside the other bars, and entice naiive young men like me inside fo entertainment purposes :)

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