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  1. 11 bullets was crazy. In typically PC New Zealand I almoist swore at the TV when a police spokesman came on and said a cow walking down the road is a danger to the general population.
  2. This guy manages to travel a lot on mileage schemes and whatnot: http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/features/ben-schlappig-airlines-fly-free-20150720
  3. This article from a couple of months ago explains the reasons I left Thailand: www.stickmanbangkok.com/StickmanWeeklyColumn2015/StickmanBangkok-Not-The-End.htm
  4. There is a clue in the name of the mountain.....
  5. Drove past there about 2 hours ago!
  6. General HappyFace would probably rather just shoot them all, but that might be problematic...
  7. Can't say I have ever had a dump in public....so it must have been Coss.
  8. You mean this lady, right? I am 95% sure she no longer works there... [Photo removed. Sorry, Stickman, but without her permission I cannot post that photo - KS]
  9. The Lumpini Police called bar and restaurant owners from across the district to a meeting at the station tonight so the current rules and enforcement of closing times couple be explained, Venues without an entertainment licence (some bars in Nana Plaza have one, some don't), cannot sell alcohol after midnight. The cops stated that they expect that midnight / 1 AM closing is expected to last a long time and said there would be severe punishment - arrest of manager and members of staff and hefty fines - for any bars which failed to comply. Venues which have an entertainment licence can sell until 1:00 AM - but not a minute later. All other bars in the Lumpini Police district must close at midnight. This will kill the late-night venues which had only resumed opening late about a month or so back after a long period in which they could not open after 2 AM. It also means street carts selling booze on the sidewalk won't be able to operate. I won't say that this meeting was unprecedented but I have not heard of a meeting like this taking place at the Lumpini Police station in quite some time. While the rules might seem harsh, the cops took the time to explain everything to bar operators so they know what to expect.
  10. TrueCrypt still works. There was conjecture over whether something may have happened in a recent version so the idea is to simply install one of the older versions before v7.2. I am still running it and it works great. Never a problem.
  11. Bingo! Reader patterns change but the majority of the traffic to the site is from outside Thailand. There is a portion of readers outside the country who wish to stay in touch with what is going on so they tune in once a week to catch up on news and gossip. They may be regular visitors to Thailand or they may not. Another group is those who used to enjoy going out to the bars and the bar industry in general, but have since moved on and their lifestyle has changed. I think reading about what's happening in places they have been to and seeing photos of how things are currently gives them a connection to the place and may help revive nice memories.
  12. 3 main reasons: - I don't enjoy living in Thialand like I used to. I mean I still like it, but not as much as I once did. Small things that never used to bother me now do and things I used to enjoy doing and places I used to enjoy visiting I now don't. - I don't enjoy running the website any more. The time has come to stop it, or at the least, take a long, long break from it. It takes too much time for something I don't enjoy any more. - I desperately need a new challenge and think moving on from Thailand to another country will provide a challenge.
  13. Agree with this 100% although my feeling is the name change was not as much a part of it as the other reasons. Go back 10 years and there were few sites with information on the nightlife...now there are many.
  14. First of all, is it necessary to name people? This should be edited and removed as I am sure it is against forum rules. Further, what you have written is factually wrong. Why do you continually do that? The relationship between Sunbelt and Sunrise is immaterial to any mentions made of either on my site and NO, Sunrise is NOT owned by Sunbelt. Again, the facts are wrong. Yes, I once had a banner exchange with Secrets but that is NOT why I mention the bar. I've long said Secrets is my favourite bar in Pattaya and many years after the banner exchnage ended, that's still the case and I still mention it BECAUSE I LIKE IT THERE! I mention venues I frequent and venues which provide with information about what is going on. I tend to mention the same veues rhese days because I don't go out a lot and when I do I tend to gravitate to the same places. Sunbelt Legal is not an advertiser although, yes, they have a banner which is a thank you for the legal questions they answer. Like I said in a previous post, I happen to eat at Sunrise more than anywhere else hence it is mentioned more than anywhere else. In the past I mentioned Tilac Bar in Soi Cowboy a lot because, funnily enough, I used to go there more than any other bar.
  15. Some of the content of the weekly column is simply a reflection of the places I go and the bars that contact me and provide information. That's why some places are mentioned over and over again and some are never mentioned. Dave The Rave's bars don't advertise with me, neither does Secrets, neither does Sunrise Tacos. In the case of Dave, yes, he is a friend and he also let's me know what is happening in his bar. If i am in Nana I go in to see him, I see what's happening in his bar and write about it. Ditto when I am in Pattaya I go to Secrets. They don't advertise with me. Secrets quite simply has a format that works for me. Sunrise Tacos is where I eat often so I write about it. Yes, the owner is a good friend, but if I didn't like it, I wouldn't write about it! I have many friends in business who have bars or restaurants I don't like and I simply don't mention them! There are other bars like Heaven Above in Pattaya and Club Malibu recently which get frequent mentions BECAUSE THE OWNERS LET ME KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. I have long tried to get bar bosses to tell me what's happening so I can plug parties, promotions and events but most are really slack at letting me know what is going on.
  16. It's nice to hear that you still tune in. Yep, I'll be the first to admit that some weeks my weekly column is flat. Some weeks I am happy with what comes out and others my heart isn't in it. Reader numbers for my site have dropped in recent months. They haven't plummeted or sunk, but they're down about 15% on the middle of last year. They remained steady for a very long time, but about 6 months ago the decline started. They did pick up again in November or December which is probably indicative of people tuning in before their high season visit, but they have come off a little again. The long term trend on all Thailand forums with a nightlife slant is down. It's simply a reflection of the industry itself with fewer newbies coming along. Aas I have written ad nauseum n recent times, the bar business is suffering and operators are hurting with many bars seeing a turnover down by 50% or more. Given that drinks prices and barfines have gone up, it suggests the number of vsitors is down by 50% plus. I maintain that the prognosis going forward is grim for all parties.
  17. I have been away from Bangkok this week and only just got back so my apologies for not replying as yet. I am 6 days behind on emails and it's probably not going to be until Monday when I get a chance to catch up.
  18. It's posts like this that demonstrate well why I tend not to post on the forums any more. There's so much misinformation - and this is a really good example of it. The sad part is that people read stuff from people on forums who don't have a clue what's going on and they believe it. Worse still, they repeat it, often twisting it further or adding false comments such as "my friend who knows KS or Stickman or whoever said that......". As for this forum's name change, that came several years later and was nothing to do with KS being scared or anything like that. It was due to a completely different and one which KS need not explain nor justify.
  19. Nick's "Patpong Bangkok's Twilight Zone" is a brilliant work, just totally utterly brilliant. I never saw Dean's original book but picked up the version he published 10+ years ago. You really can't compare the two books as they are totally different. Nick's is a very dark and honest look at the nightlife and what happens to those who fall in to it while Dean's is a celebration of Thai women.
  20. I like Nick a lot. I haven't seen much of him in recent years although we did catch up a couple of months back. In many ways we shouldn't get on because we're ideologically poles apart, are both head-strong and not shy to say what we think even when we know it won't win us any friends - and might even have the complete opposite effect. What I particularly like about Nick is that you can have a good, deep debate on issues in this part of the world and walk away as pals, just as you say, Flasher.
  21. The evening was showered in sanuk....
  22. Hard to say. I ran a bunch of photos from a 2001 dance contest and the most recent dance contest in my last column. I don't think it's clear that either group is prettier than the other and one thing that struck me (and surprised me) was the heavy tattoos one girl had back in 2001. I always think of lots of tats as being a recent thing...obviously that's not quite right.
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