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50% of gogo girls HIV?


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A very good friend of mine found out his girlfriend of two years was HIV positive when she was diagnosed with PCP pneumonia.

He had taken her to several Thai doctors who had done the usual;giving her pills for a bad cough.However,she did not get any better and in his words was slowly slipping away.

She was looking realy bad by now and I told him to take her to the hospital immediately.I went too.During the several tests they took a blood sample which showed she was HIV+.She was very distressed mostly for him in case he had it as well.He then was advised by the hospital doctor to take the blood test too.After a long hour a smiling nurse brought the slip saying he was negative!!!

At that moment I was sworn to secrecy.The right pills sorted out the pnuemonia and within a few days she was a lot better.Though it took weeks for her to recover to her former self.She started HIV treatment a few weeks later after more tests.

He has stood by her.They are still together. He says it brought them closer than ever.

Very few people know she is HIV+ one sister(of 6!)and his sister in Europe.More than two years later she looks the picture of health.

She was a top class gogo dancer for about 10 months before he took her out of the bar.After about three months he stopped using condoms.Apart from when she had pnuemonia you would never know there was/is anything wrong with her.

He took advice and sex is always with a condom.Though bbbjs are ok.He was advised not to go down on her.Funny how we commonly discuss these sexual details in LOS but rarely at home!

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>>He took advice and sex is always with a condom.Though bbbjs are ok.He was advised not to go down on her.<<


I'm interested by that statement. Can a guy get hiv from going down on a girl? When i did alot of reading on hiv (about two years ago) the literature i found all said that no studies were done to determine the amount of hiv present in a girls pussy juices nor in a man's sperm. If you can get it from pussy to mouth than i guess i engage in high risk behavior.

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MaiLuk, reminid me to tell that to the dead friend of mine, it happened back in the 80's, very early case in Australia. She got it by injection, could trace the occassion even, her first time injecting.


Back in the late 70?s there was an extremely beautiful New York high fashion model named Gia. She is still considered to be one of ? if not the very first to be labeled a ?Supermodel?. She was a wild one, lived life in the fast lane at Studio 54, was a lesbian and also became a hardcore heroin addict in short order.


It?s believed she got AIDS from sharing needles in shooting galleries? She didn?t last long and died very badly. Apparently she was one of the very first women in the US to die from AIDS. I read the book (very sad) and there was also an HBO movie about her played by Angelina Jolie which made her a superstar. I believe I read Gia?s rapid progression of AIDS was likely due to being infected with the African strain of HIV.



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MaiLuk said:

Can a guy get hiv from going down on a girl?

I would bet that the transmittal rate is much higher with guys who have gum disease. Easy path into the blood stream.


Of course, same hold true for women if they allow you to CIM.




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Ok, a second-hand story.


A Katoey in a well-known go-go in Paton came up HIV+ in her monthly check. The tore the page out of her health book and then started working the same go-go as a "daily worker" rather than a regular employee.


"What can she do?" asked the bar girl who explained this to me "She had to eat."


I don't know if they still use those little booklets or not, but considering where we are, a littel procedure like that wouldn't keep somebody for working if whe wanted to.

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Having live in Africa I would not be bothered too much about the HIV rate in Thailand.

However there are many more diseases (STD) that do not really worth the risk.......

Except of course if you like to live "on the edge"


IMHO: Best way if you want to bareback and reduce the risk?

None (except if you are wealthy enough to rent some mia nois that you pay enough)


totally risk free? Service yourself and become a monk or a priest.

I remember a relation, he never barebacked in his life, always wore condoms.

I took him with me in czech republic and

during one of our night out his condom broke up.....-> Hepatitis as a reward.



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Old Hippie, I was taking a short cut a few months back, behind Saphon Kuay area. About 3pm, and I saw a nurse taking blood samples of the girls in the places we visit, which I think is good



Oh, I know a lot of them do go and get tested, some bars supposedly require it. I am just saying I have never seen the health cards or health record books...enough people I know have, I just have no real idea what they look like, or how truthful/accurate they are, given the bribe factor.

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