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Some Thoughts About This And Other Siam-Boards


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There are still a few smaller bars with decent drink and ST prices in Cowboy. Just stay away from the big, glitzy ones with half a dozen or more "door girls" trying to lure you inside. If a bar looks expensive, it is.


I can't comment on ST prices but Afterschool charge B105 for Tiger Light and Moonshine B110 for Heineken.

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Specialist: Who is Gordon England?
Here's the Wikipedia page, which is decent.


First line: "Gordon Richard England (born September 15, 1937) is an American businessman who served as the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense and twice as U.S. Secretary of the Navy in the administration of U.S. PresidentGeorge W. Bush."


I should add something: From firsthand personal observation, while I worked in avionics at GD/FW, Gordon's personal integrity is absolutely impeccable.

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