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Hugh Hoy Coming To Town!


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Please forward my regards to HH one of the good guys .... OK some people may not agree with his politics, as you well realise I am not from the USA so mean Diddly Squat to Me.


I remember his friendship in years gone by, Myself, DS and HH tried to do 40 Double GnT's in Washington Square on my 40th Birthday, if memory serves me right he joined us at Texas Lone Star, a couple of others and when he lost it Bourbon Street on Number 22, DS and I made it across the Soi to Queens Park Plaza playing "Naked Pool" until across Sukhumvit to make the 40in SC Sattupid Night haha ... I hope DS has sobered up now since I am 53 (Smirk)


I would have loved to have met HH again but too busy making money in Vietnam, Poor lil me needs to work to earn a pittance .. was its the "Bull" or "Shit" part of that comment you don't believe Cav?


Remember how we first met? Needed some translations from Chinese ..... I told ya, I'll give my Chinese a run at it, buy me a beer still remember the translations "Choppy Choppy" "Shreddy Shreddy" Magnet Magnet" Oi, you purchased the beer, that must have been11 years back now, 2006 ... awww fuck where did those years go to.


Feck Me ... blooming 4 years in Nam. either I am very Good or Take the Piss ... Joking aside Cav, the client has not seen through my bullshit yet, or just maybe, have you ever considered such, I don't bullshit anymore, too old for Bullshitting now, just take the easy money and run.




Hehe, it takes a lot to be an asshole, and I am So What

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