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  1. Congrats.Welcome to the love-hate relationship some of us longer-staying people come to expect of this place. Hua Hin is a nice place, I visit once in a while and have been a member of a Hua Hin website/ chat group since 2004 that is similar to this one and is populated with sensible people.Won't post it just in case the mods throw a hissy fit, but pm me and I'll pass it along. Cheers VK
  2. Good luck, Stick. It's been a good run and we appreciate the site and it's affect on all of us. From a reader and sometime contributor, Thank You. I am assuming you will still keep the email address?
  3. Re: Flash.. Good, but they should have done something that would make him suffer - like taking away his car keys for a busy school week.. Cav.. slightly off topic, but many locals in my former place of employment had difficulty with a single task! To get around the 'it's not my fault' or 'sweep it under the carpet - he won't find out' attitude I imposed one rule. If something it not right and you tell me, it becomes my responsibility. However, if I find out you've been hiding things, I'll nail you to the wall. All this explained in their own language so there would be no mistake or misunde
  4. Flash, the video you posted made my blood boil. No seat belt, light flashing all the way, didn't signal.. It's another precursor to the minivan on the flyover incident.. I hope someone notes the background and tracks down the errant parent who is the real culprit here.
  5. Also a few videos on YouTube re farangs sleeping on the beach at Sodom-by-the-Sea, helped on the quiet by local charities who say they cannot officially help them.. Many are overstayers and can't or won't leave - they're better off here in some cases than in their own home country..
  6. Another thread started by Flash back in April, same topic.. http://t2.thai360.com/index.php?/topic/64081-gap-yah-backpackers-begging-for-money-should-be-ashamed-of-themselves/
  7. Was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Dimsum is obviously Chinese food.. Perhaps they were expanding their business plan to include pharma? But, yeah, if I found a cockroach in my food gratis I'd be upset too..
  8. Cockroaches have been integral to Chinese traditional medicine for a very long time...
  9. Kind of like the cookie-cutter look of the stewardesses of a well-known local airline.
  10. Thought someone in 'Merikah' was already in the news for something like this, except it was on a much grander (and more expensive) scale that included plastic enhancements? Perhaps 'Madame' is one of her dropouts?
  11. I remember Pasir Ris beach from my teenage years, back when there were no flats anywhere in sight. One local bus on the main road would pass every hour or so, and of course no aircon. It was at least a half hour walk to the beach on a rather rutted road, and in later years a small housing development sprang up fairly near the beach. There was only a rudimentary shelter on the beach - think rusty bus stop and you wouldn't be far off. I used to like to include that in my cycling routes back then, and was a great spot for overnight sea fishing with friends, a tent and a couple of beers. Yes, ba
  12. Think they're using EMP cannons to fry car electronics in car chases (or are on the verge of doing) so it doesn't take much of a jump of the imagination to ramp that up a bit.. Think they're fairly easy to DIY.. High power RF from dedicated ham operators are also known to fry electronics.. Like boom box car stereos.. * EMP = electromagnetic pulse
  13. I always thought it folly to remove the cable controls - at least on commercial aircraft - that was always the last resort. They still had cables when hydraulics were used. Don't trust 'fly-by-wire'. It may be okay for fighters where you need the maneuverability, but the fighter pilot is on his own and as a last resort pulls the ejection handle.. Maybe they should start putting parachutes under the seats to complement the flotation devices... I can understand the industry's drive to remove as much weight as possible but this takes the cake. BTW my car also has 'drive-by-wire' - no ac
  14. I don't see why the dentists should make a fuss. The issue here I think is radiation safety, where the OAP (Office of Atomic Energy for Peace - office around Chatuchak and has been there since time immemorial) want to have the radiation workers controlled. Which should really be the case. They will be issued with a film badge and have these monitored - does not cost an arm and a leg for this service. Also, having x-ray equipment registered and having someone responsible for the equipment - and not the operation - makes a lot of sense if this is not already in place. They do need mainte
  15. Well all the pavement space where the vendors used to sell food were cleared almost a month ago in front of my soi. The good thing is there is space in the market behind for them to rent. note I said rent. Many of the people selling stuff on the pavement in the evenings were older people who had obviously taken home-grown veggies from their own little gardens to supplement their life. Don't see them any more, nor do I see the unusual veggies some of them used to sell..
  16. Could be worse. 'Give me the money or I'll take my shoes off in the bus!'.. But seriously, begpacking starts at home.. Back in 1980, I took a trip to Perth (Australia) and spent a month there (took me two years to save up for that). I was surprised to find a lot of the locals were on the 'dole'.. Enough to survive on, so most didn't bother working. Also found that many of them crowded together in a low rental place, and when they had enough, flew off to Bali for a couple of months till the money ran out.. To repeat the cycle..
  17. Yes. And s-a-nake, and so on. They will try to spell a word in their own language and get tripped up with the English pronunciation. Note that many English speakers have a problem with 'ง' -ng sound. If that wasn't so bad, Bahasa also have a 'ny' sound..
  18. Pronunciation depends on how the language is spelt, and in what language. In English, Pattaya would typically be broken into three syllables, Pat-ta-ya. Depending on where you come from, accents can be on the first or second syllable.. In Thai language, however,it is spelt as พัทยา where there are only two syllables and the 'a' between the two is a very quick one, almost part of the first.. พัท - pat, ยา - ya. Join them and you get the Pat-a ya. Hope that helps
  19. Having all those bits hanging out is a bit of a turn-off for me. Thought it was due to 'over-use' and would never have imagined people actually doing that on purpose.
  20. Been to Amsterdam around the time, had some Dutch guys in the Mermaidium at the time, even they were surprised..
  21. Oooh! The Mermadium, Nana, when there were still mermaids swimming in it. Circa late '80's.
  22. Yes, Flash. Memories. When I first introduced my brother to the nooks and crannies way back when. Think there was an Indian place just round the back? Race Course Bar, Patpong, run by a friend back in the '80's. The other one opposite with the 'egg' getting old, memory sometimes fails me. Three Roses, Nana. Many friends, some passed on. The place next door, most of the girls came from the same village. DC10. Spider's Web. Dollhouse at Clinton Plaza. Didn't fancy any of the other places there. Those were the days. Oh, and the Federal Hotel coffeeshop. With some friends who were Vietnam vets..
  23. How sad. Another historic landmark on the chopping block. Though not a frequent visitor, it has it's own charm. As did the Intercontinental in it's day. Remember walking around the area back in the day before the World Trade Center was even built..
  24. Yes, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!
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