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where should i go for dinner tonight?


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greater Sukhumvit area, preferable from Asoke up

no chinese please as i will be there the next 2 weeks and no indian either as i was there last month

any interesting new restaurant to try out?


please hurry; it is already 620pm and i would like to go latest 8pm


thanks :stirthepo

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Vientiane Kitchen Suk Soi 36' date=' is my fav in Bangkok[/quote']

i am not at all interested what is your fav in Bangkok (not surprised though that it is such a low end tourist trap!)! :neener:

i want to know where i should go for dinner tonight!




ooooooooooh Kitten's got a scratch!






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Guest lazyphil

tell me why are you who is the all knowing los yoda asking this?.....just to make kurt little spikey comments to those volunteering suggestions. :(

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Alright then, why not try "Helmut Werstler's Cruelty Zoo" on Soi 20?


You get to maim, then kill your meal from a wide variety of species, including Orangutan.


It was created by a Teutonic psychologist for children to take out their violent impulses on animals rather than humans, then quickly turned into a fine restaurant.


That un-touristy enough for you honey?

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