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where should i go for dinner tonight?


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tell me why are you who is the all knowing los yoda asking this?.....just to make kurt little spikey comments to those volunteering suggestions

i used to know quite a bit about restaurants in BKK; but as i am now under the less than 90 in 180 rule and the scene is so fast changing i can't catch up anymore...

comment was too spikey? sorry about that! just funny that Vientiane popped up as the first one; such a tourist trap i even do not bring newbies there anymore...


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Charlie's on the little sub soi that runs between 35 n& 39?


that's really a good idea, but sometimes when places are too close, you do not even think about them anymore.

came in just fractions of a second late after i run out of my apartment driven by hunger...

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Take away the band, the dancers and the occasional teenage girl kickboxers (who i saw on TV last night by the way) the food a Vientiane Kitchen is excellent, fresh and very reasonably priced.


My friends girlfriends mother is from Laos and love's the food there. Hardly a tourist, also witness that well over the half the clientèle are Issan folk


Oh, but its a tourist trap, so never mind





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