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Other than a slang word for a Scotsman, what is 'jok'?

Johk (à¹?à¸?à¹?à¸Â) with minced pork, chicken or duck egg, spring onions, slivers of ginger, chopped spring onions, fried garlic, thick soy sauce and paa-tong-goh (à¸?าà¸?à¹?อà¸?à¹?à¸Âà¹?) is a lovely way to start the day. I'll do without the organ meats (usually pig's liver) that are popular additions tho'...




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Jok is made from very fine rice particles, Kar Tom from whole rice or cracked rice.


Jok is the same word in Taiwan and parts of China, in other parts it's called Congee. Jok is as someone said a Hokkien word, and other dialects.


My favourite too!


Though most mornings I have Kar Tom Gai.

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