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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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A bunch of TV series I've been watching, Kodi is great source of quality TV and no advertising :)


These are 2018 series and variously Net Flix et al.


Lost in Space - the series I'm watching starts out quite well and then on 4th episode, it reverts to an old black and white episode, so I've stalled here, I'll wait until someone fixes the glitch and then resume what looks to be a very good rendition of this classic.


Siren - Whilst aimed at the Millennials I feel, this is surprisingly good, Eline Powell is visually riveting. It has some flaws, like two mermaids struggling to talk to each other when in human form as they're having to learn English to communicate with each other. But flaws aside, it's good viewing and I'm looking forward to seeing the final episodes.


Westworld - series two, a few episodes in and it's as good as the first, but less surprising and no more eyefulls of nudity. I'll keep watching, the story gets better and it's a quality product.


The Terror - In what could be a struggle, to keep interest in two ships stuck in the Ice, back in the day, this also is very good, fine performances and another series that I'm looking forward to seeing the final episodes.


Deep State - one for Cavanami, that being said, very good this I've seen about 7 episodes, more to come. Some parts James Bond and modern politics.


Hap and Leonard 2016 ~ I caught the 1st episode of series 3 and had to go back and watch the first two seasons. This is very good. It may not be so enjoyable for some USA citizens due to subject matter. Without plot spoiling too much, I'll give you a taste: two childhood friends, now 30~40 yrs old, one, a black gay Viet Nam war vet, the other a white hetero contentious objector. Set in the south with all that entails. The first season is bit of a 'pile of money' caper, the second and third deal with other themes. I can't recommend this enough.

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Watched Lost in Space as well. Thought it was okay, but nothing special.


Westworld season 2, on the list to be watched.


Series I recently finished watching is Counterpart. It's a spy thriller set in 2 parallel worlds. Really enjoyed this.



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I've been looking forward to Westworld S2.


Recently I've watched:


Godless, a single season, 7 episodes so its easy to binge watch. Good tale about a town devastated by the loss of nearly all its men in a mining disaster. Jeff Daniels is great as the lead baddie and almost the only known face. Tits at times but it seems only as box ticking, it's better than that.


Harlots, decidedly low brow English tale of 18th century London brothel madams fighting both against each other and for survival. One episode in and I'll see how the next couple go. Again, 1 series so far and just 8 episodes. Feature comments about Harris's list:


or read a copy for yourself at:




Clearly Trink nicked the idea a couple of hundred years later :grinyes:


Not much in the way of tits so far though plenty of rutting! A different sort of tale in some ways, formulaic in others.

A series that if the tale it tells is somewhat true at its core shows the ladies of BKK are not yet possessed of anything markedly new.

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Coss, I'm curious about your kodi experience. I have previously had it installed but discarded it in favour of Plex. I have a Plex server running on a 24/7 machine and both my LG TV and Apple TV have Plex player apps as well as my iPad so its a bit of a no-brainer, which is always helpful. Plex however is a more traditional media system that requires the content to be stored somewhere on the LAN, even if that is remote. It is not suited for streaming.


Can you expand a little on what apps you are using with kodi and if you are streaming, or are you also downloading the content prior to watching?


A part of my previous disappointment was the seemingly continuous need to update and maintain the thing as apps disappeared or broke, either that or content that they advertised simply didn't seem to exist in reality.

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All The Money In The World [2017]

Paul Getty kidnapping caper, of interest for fully deleting the lead role of Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer following the former's sex impropriety allegations. A drawn out movie with rigid acting other than that of Plummers who betters the rest by far and only stepped in at the last minute.

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The Last Movie Star [2018]

Burt Reynolds takes a self indulgent look at his life in the movies thro the eyes of a fictitious actor. Interesting scenes of the octogenarian acting with his much younger self by some camera trickery. Worth a look, well acted light entertainment.

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American Assassin [2017]

Following his fiancé's slaughter on a beach by terrorists a self trained assassin joins the CIA to take out the bad guys plotting a nuclear attack. OTT popcorn entertainment suitable for those moments one just needs to vegetate in front of the screen, having Michael Keaton in it will appeal to some.

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