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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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1 hour ago, Mekong said:

All I can say is that you must have led a very sheltered childhood if you were bashing the bishop over record sleeves at 15 or 16.

Based on what?

At 14/15 I was getting more head than a pillow. Generally we were playing moneybox with the girls before high school 😃

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Based on the comment I quoted, 

So at the end of the day the sleeve for "See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Our Gang, Yeah, City All Over! Go Ape Crazy!" was just another bit of  bat off material.

or were you accusing other boys of doing that but not you? Or maybe no boys your age were doing such but only pre pubescent teens who were younger than Annabelle.

I don’t hear  about paedophiles lining up in their dirty macs at the  Musse d”Orsay to view the picture and crank one off, come to that I don’t here of schoolboys doing it either 


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Knox Goes Away [2023]

When a contract killer has a rapidly evolving form of dementia, he is offered an opportunity to redeem himself by saving the life of his estranged adult son. Superb lead carries this excellent crime caper all the way. Worth seeing.

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Murder by Decree 1979

Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper, Royals, etc


writers - Arthur Conan Doyle, John Hopkins, Elwyn Jones

cast - Christopher Plummer as Sherlock Holmes
James Mason as Dr. John Watson
David Hemmings as Inspector Foxborough
Susan Clark as Mary Kelly
Frank Finlay as Inspector Lestrade
Anthony Quayle as Sir Charles Warren
Donald Sutherland as Robert Lees
Geneviève Bujold as Annie Crook
John Gielgud as Lord Salisbury
Peter Jonfield as William Slade
Roy Lansford as Sir Thomas Spivey
Ron Pember as Makins

Some of the finest acting of it's day, kept me watching and notable is Plummer, with wit, humour and emotion as Sherlock Holmes.

Very Good


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