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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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Just downloaded and watched 'Crank'. Some funny stuff among the blood and gore and killing. Fast paced, some amazing stunts. Nice tit shots.


Having found a decent bit torrent site that works well with my Thai/Surin adsl I have watched a ton of movies lately.


1. Seven Pounds

2. Zack and Miri Make a Porno

3. Jumper

4. Slumdog Millionaire

5. Pineapple Express (don't bother - some funny bits)

6. Australia

7. Outlander (sucked)

8. The Children of Huang Shi (not as good as I thought it might be)

9. Twilight

10. Role Models (funny one I thought)

11. Punisher - War Zone

12. Underworld - The Rise of the Lycans

13. Madagascar 2

14. Ice Age 2

15. Wall-E

16. Bolt (Hey, I DL these for my daughter and a friend's kids- and watch them myself as they can be fun and amusing.)

17. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (funny)

18. Death Race

19. What Happens in Las Vegas

20. Ghost Town

21. The Incredible Hulk

22. X-Men Origins Wolverine (I like the X-men series)

23. Flash of Genius

24. Taken


And a bunch more I forget now. Saw the latest Bond 'Quantum of Solace'. None of the earlier camp and humor really. Just a killing machine. Was a good movie, but not your usual Bond. All downloaded easily from BTjunkie.


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Crank 2 coming out this Friday, I believe. I like the Transporter movies and Crank was fun to watch as well. Hope Crank 2 doesn't disappoint.


The fuck scene in Chinatown during the first one is supposed to be outdone in the sequel according to an interview I saw with the actress that plays his gf in the movie. :sex:

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