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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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Last movies I watched were Noah and Transcendence. Didn't like either.


Thanks for the series. Extant doesn't look like something I'd like, but 'The Last Ship' sounds interesting.

Started watching Falling Skies again recently; watching season 1 again first as I've forgotten most of it before moving on to the next seasons.


I also watched 'True detective' (only 1 season so far of 8 episodes) which I thought was very good.

(Saw there is also a 'True detectives' which has much lower ratings; don't know what that is)



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I forced myself to watch a bit of Falling Skies years ago, but never liked it :(


Do check Continium and The 100, both SF as well......

Halt and catch fire is fun, Black sails is good, Chicago Fire is great, House of cards !, Ray Donovan excellent, Silicon Valley about geeks, The night shift........and more.



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