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Higher value coins in circulation next year


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The Finance Ministry plans to churn out Bt20 and Bt50 coins next year, to reduce the note printing cost.


Deputy Finance Minister Pruttichai Damrongrat said the decision will take into account the Fiscal Policy Office's study. He expected the coins to be popular due to changes in product prices and consumer behaviours.


Source: Thailand Construction News, Issue 145.

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The 20 baht coin was tried some years ago - and was very unpopular. Imagine carrying a couple of hundred baht in 20 baht coins in your pocket. Have you ever seen the size of the 20 baht coin? The only time I've seen a 50 baht coin has been in as a special non-circulating commemorative.





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a 2'000 Baht note would be more useful.


Useful for what ... getting beaten to death by a taxi driver?


Haha. Quite possible. They already have problems finding change for the 1000 baht note. (Maybe it's a ruse for 'can I keep the change?')


There'd probably be pandemonium on the buses, especially the ones where the 50 satang coin is still part of the fare. (100 satang = 1 baht)


The toll booths will be overflowing with coins, as will my ashtray. :(


NOT a good idea.


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