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Farang 40'ish wanted for TV Commercial


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Work as an extra: Working as an extra is usually a full day (12 hours) and we will call you on very short notice as we mostly hear about these jobs 24 hours in advance. Payment is usually between 1500 and 2500 Baht a day.


Interesting, that's not far off from what extras are paid in LA. (Around 100 USD per day, sometimes less, sometimes more - though that's for a short day, @ 12 hours you'll make more).


For speaking roles though, you make quite a lot of money here - was surprised to see that there they also start in 1500 baht per day range. Ouch.


Do agencies take a cut of the extra's pay?


I'll be in LOS for a significant period of time next year Waerth, keep posting. I'll do extra work and random stuff for shits and grins.


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Extra's is where you can make the most money. But it is the biggest headache as well.


Lets say the budget for extra work is 2000 baht.

I take 500 baht (25%)


Now say they need 20 extras, if lucky and get paid under the table, than agency gets 10.000 baht. If taxes need to be paid, figure 5.000 baht at the end.


For that the following work needs to be done:

*Call approximately 40-50 people to get at 20 that can make it that day, tell them bring copy passport for payment.

*Recall them the day before, tell them bring copy passport for payment.

*Look for 5 replacements for the ones that cancelled last minute, have to call 20 people for that, tell them bring copy passport for payment.

*Email everyone with meeting place and time, tell them bring copy passport for payment.

*SMS everyone with meeting place and time, tell them bring copy passport for payment.

*In the morning one or two didn't show up, so you either try to scramble one or two friends of the people already there. Or apologise to company whom will give you shit. Even though it is a normal occurence. 10 out of the 20 forgot to bring copy passport and tell you they didn't know they should bring it, these are usually the "experienced" people whom should now better. Next action is scramble for copy shop at 5 in the morning.

*During the shoot, either go with them or wait till they get back. Depends on company and if you have a trustworthy person to handle the money. Have to disappoint some people, no copy passpost no pay (unless it is under the table).

*After the shoot listen to a few people complaining about how unprofessional the shoot is and the director is so bad and they could do a better job blablablabla .......

*Then listen to casting director complaining about some of the extras threathening to blacklist them because they disturbed him/her eating the Som Tam etc .....


All in all it is fun to do this job :)

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Dave32 send your pictures and details to me:

talent.orange@gmail.com ....


I will get back to you (quick or slow depends if I have a job coming then I usually prune my mails) with a list with questions.


It doesn't matter that you are always there or not. It is very normal to hear 50% of the people not being available for a job. Just good friends, I call the next one :).


But the more pics I have in my database of potentially available people the better it is for me when presenting to a casting director!

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During the filming of "The Killing Fields", some genius got the idea that it would look "smashing" to have the US Marines race into town on deuce-and-a-halfs and leap off to line the streets as the vehicles drove at at least 15 miles per hour. Uh, yeah ... real Marines always make their entrance that way. :doah:


Anyway, after a few takes there were hardly enough "Marines" left to make up a fire team, the rest limping around with sprained ankles, sore backs, injured knees et cetra (and one guy nearly rolling under the wheels of a vehicle as he sprawled on the pavement and just escaping getting squashed.) I remember 75% of the "Marines" falling, with steel pots and M16s flying in all directions. (Well, for one thing, nobody was wearing jungle boots that fit their feet. My boots were about two sizes too big.) I heard one of the production crew complaining, "Now there aren't enough Marines left to make it look real." What a douchebag! :(


Surprisingly, quite a few "Marines" didn't show up the next day. :hmmm:







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Ecsuse me but 40% is a total no no,


I am pissed at 4,5% agancy fee's, maybe I don't get shafted as much as others.



I agree it is ridicules to charge that much, but that is the norm here for a lot of sports and entertainment agents.


As for the fee Wearth charges, I'd pay it just until I got star status, then I'd negotiate with him. :) Make me a star dude, I'll pay!



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