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Both sides are using the crisis as cover to do certain things. The Democrats want to include liberal/progressive policies into how the money is distributed. I personally don't mind but I can certainly understand any conservative not wanting the crisis to be used to fund liberal programs that otherwise would not have made it through the legislative process. So, I can completely understand a complaint that the monies should not be held up in a vote as that as the reason for voting against the bill. It's a fair objection. 

Conversely, the Republicans are using the bill as basically a bailout or free money to its donor base. They want to write the bill in a manner where the administration can give the money to whomever it wants, without much if any transparency. Basically the biggest slush fund in history. 

Both are wrong, one may be worse than the other but they are both wrong if I am fair and balanced. The American people are ultimately short changed. Its our tax money. This crisis has revealed that the government can not function as it is and unfortunately the climate is so toxic, the masses wont' act uniformly to get rid of the real swamp. To the GOP,  the swamp is anyone they don't agree with, no matter how honorable they are. Bernie's politics may be totally opposite of a conservative's view but the man is honest. There are Republicans in the same manner. Honest about their politics and fair but to a Dem, they would be their version of the 'swamp'. 

We all lose. 


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Michael Steele and Colin Powell are black conservatives that I respect. Powell is fairly liked among Blacks if I had to guess. Steele is respected. It's hard to think of any other black conservatives, even historically, that did nothing but blame Blacks for anything that happened to Blacks. 

The black conservatives in the Civil Rights era hated MLK Jr for example. They were routinely trotted on radio and TV lambasting any movement for equality. Much in the same manner Candace Owens, Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell are. I defy anyone to find any evidence that Thomas Sowell supported the civil rights and voting rights struggle in the '50s and 60s for example. He's called Obama the worst president in U.S. history, no exceptions. I can certainly agree with a conservative seeing Obama as one of the worst. Its politics, its how things are, but the very worse? Cav, would you go even that far? Larry Elder is the last remaining conservative who openly and unabashedly says Bush had a good presidency. Yes, that's how much of his ethics and morality Elder is willing to sacrifice to be included in the club. Pathetic but when you have no self esteem, its easy. 

As I stated prior. In order to be accepted by conservatives at large if you are demographically part of a traditional Democrat base (Black, Gay, Women, Latino), you have to shit on that group to prove yourself. 

Carly Fiorina was the most outspoken against abortion in the 2016 Republican primaries. The men rarely if ever spoke about abortion. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio supported stringent immigration laws. Former liberal Dave Rubin, who is a married gay man, routinely defends Republicans who are against his own marriage. And he has been rewarded with his own show and immensely more money than he was making as a liberal. 

If you can find me any open and shut cop kills unarmed black case that no one disputes where the Black Patriot, Larry Elder or Candace Owens called it for what it was, I'd love to see it. It would certainly be an exception. They have always delfected any blatant racist comments by anyone with "there are larger issues like Chicago' or something of that nature. 


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...on another note, I fully support the conservative case for spending controls and such. Not to the level and degree they propose but the problem is they don't practice it one iota. EVERY single Republican president in our lifetimes has run up budget deficits and national debts more than the Dems in most cases. They are hypocrites. Kennedy is the last Dem to inherit a decent economy. All of the rest, without exception since inherited a bad economy and then the Republicans spent their whole administration obstructing and saying they aren't doing a good job fixing the bad economy they were responsible for. 

The worse case is Jimmy Carter. The economy was shit in 1976. Republicans controlled the White House from 1968-1976, left America with inflation at unprecedented levels, a gas crisis and Carter get routinely made the butt of jokes for not getting America out of it in 4 years. In fact the recession hit its peak during Reagan's 2nd year, 1982. 

Clinton inherited a recession and Obama inherited the mother of all recessions. If Biden wins he will have inherited the worse economy since FDR from Hoover. 

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Breakhrough for Dr Trumps unique medical research project:


Coronavirus patients taking hydroxychloroquine, a treatment touted by President Trump, were no less likely to need mechanical ventilation and had higher deaths rates compared to those who did not take the drug, according to a study of hundreds of patients at US Veterans Health Administration medical centers.

The study, which reviewed veterans' medical charts, was posted Tuesday on medrxiv.org, a pre-print server, meaning it was not peer reviewed or published in a medical journal. The research was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the University of Virginia.
In the study of 368 patients, 97 patients who took hydroxychloroquine had a 27.8% death rate. The 158 patients who did not take the drug had an 11.4% death rate.
27,8 % trump-treated dead , 11,4 non-treated are alive. Clear win for Trump Medical Inc. Greatest healing success ever.
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Trump: "I know one thing. I haven't left the White House in months except for a brief moment to give a wonderful ship, the Comfort."
Alcindor: "You held a rally in March."
Trump: "I don't know. Did I hold a rally? I'm sorry. I hold a rally. Did I hold a rally? Let me tell you, in January, when I did this, we had virtually no cases and no deaths."
Reminder: Trump is the President of the US.
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