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8 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

Gentlemen, neither we know what Mr Sandwich does for the survival of mankind , probably nothing, nor

Sorry I forgot what i wanted to elaborate on , it is the Spätburgunder, not the Virus. Really sorry, deeply.


It's okay I've been there before.  Woken up with all these bottles strewn about me.  Ideally there is a girl there that can clean up and then leave me alone. 

I was much the same as you, but I thought how can the number 4 be so important, 4 tall bottles of Chang export to start the day, a Rainbow 4 girl, and of course residing in Soi 4.  I never particularly liked the number 4 - for a start it's not a prime number.  When my daughter was 4 it was a particularly troubling time.  Also you never hear of this amazing 4 year old whisky. 

Having said all of that, the US would be a better place if they limit the current administration to 4 years. 

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The point isn't that a method similar to what Trump described isn't used. Notice 'similar'. The point is he totally fucked up the explanation of it so badly it was dangerous. It had life and death ramifications to some people. 

If a president said, there are these things called antibiotics, its from the mold on stale bread and it cures you. See?

What is happening with the after the fact explanations is textbook gaslighting. He fucked up not just this but routinely, some things you laugh or even ignore. And a case can be made for making a mountain out of a mole hill for a momentary slip. George Bush was labeled as dumb because he made too many of them. "Strategery". Republicans made a Mt. Everest of molehilils over Obama's 57 states. It was a noteworthy slip to me as well because its so rare to see him make such a slip of the tongue. 

Part of the office is communicating to the masses of people, not just in America but the world. The prestige of the country internationally is also at risk. Its broadcast everywhere. 

No amount of after the fact gaslighting is going to save it. Especially given the fact that Trump is excused from his supporters of gaffes that they don't apply to others. Bottom line it was an asinine thing to say. And its not the first time. 

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I was wrong about him pleading guilty to willfully and knowingly making false, fictitious fraudulent statements to the FBI regarding conversations with the Russian ambassador?

How, pray tell? I consider myself a fair and open minded person. 


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You, as usual, took the side against anything Trump. The FBI framed and coerced Flynn to enter a guilty plea after driving him bankrupt with the FBI lawfare.

I guess you think it is fair to do what they did to Flynn? You should review what you wrote regarding Flynn as it was not any way at all open minded, IMO.

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the breakthrough is here !!!! The bubi-laboratories recommend to swallow a pocket lamp in proper defence against the Virus. Following President Moron´s light concept. In case you forget to switch it on just wait 3 days for reappearance and repeat. Unit to be cleaned with strong desinfectant, swallow surplus liquid. Cheers !

This is no sarcasm

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Gentlemen, ladies, Cav...

I think, that the Trump spat with the W.H.O. warrants some scrutiny.

Far from being a knee-jerk reaction, to 'bad for Trump', information, this is turning into a big problem, for the the rest of us. 

Because Trump is seeking to avoid blame, rightly or wrongly, the U.S.A. is creating a problem for the rest of us.

1/. any view of this virus crisis, shows the USA leading the way in, per 100,000 pax , infections and deaths. Anti-Trumpers could blame Trump, Trumpanzees will no doubt blame, the lack of availability of Hydroxychloroquine, UltraViolet light in liquid form for the injection thereof, and anyone who doesn't want to lick Trump's scrotum.

2/. the WHO's response to and their role in this crisis, is something that can be debated and certainly is not a given, until we've had time, to see how the picture has unfolded, over the next 6 months to  year.

3/. the WHO's website and public responses seem to be fairly dry and factual, plain paper, vanilla reporting, of status and actions. The excellent John Hopkins website confirms the information the WHO has, or vice a versa, same same.

4/. in the partisan political environment that is the United States of America, the actions of their leaders are now going to affect the rest of the world in a negative manner. This seemingly is not about 'merica's, funding contribution to the WHO, but about the current USA administration's attempts, to find a scapegoat for it's leader's failings.

Examine this following excerpt, from an article here :

"US President Donald Trump and his top aides are working behind the scenes to sideline the World Health Organisation on several new fronts as they seek to shift blame for the coronavirus pandemic to the world body, according to US and foreign officials involved in the discussions.

Last week, the president announced a 60-day hold on US money to the WHO, but other steps by his top officials go beyond a temporary funding freeze, raising concerns about the permanent weakening of the organisation amid a rapidly spreading crisis.

At the State Department, officials are stripping references to the WHO from coronavirus fact sheets, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has instructed his employees to "cut out the middle man" when it comes to public health initiatives the United States previously supported through the WHO.

The United States will now attempt to reroute the WHO funds to non government organisations involved in public health issues, according to interviews with US officials and an internal memo obtained by The Washington Post."

You have to remember that until recently, the USA was the world leader, in positive things, in other times, the USA would lead the world and properly so.

George W Bush led the world with the AIDs crisis, and don't forget that was a serious crisis, that the USA helped in big part, the world to contain.

Barack Obamam, had the Ebola crisis and the USA led the world in containing that very nasty virus crisis.

I'm not trying to give some 'holier than thou', speech from any pulpit. What I am trying to convey, is that, not since the Plague and the Spanish Flu, pandemics, has the world seen such a existential threat to human life and societal order. 

I suggest that it is in all our interests, that we, use sense and logic and science, to work this through, prevent spread and save as many lives as possible.

If you want to see a graphic representation of the USA's approach to the virus, in total cases, vs NZ's approach (total lockdown, loss of freedom, but sensibly so) look below.



USA total cases



NZ total cases

yes I know these are not per capita or per /100,000, that's not the point, look at the USA graph still heading up, let's hope that changes.



mind you, the world has too many people, this might be Nature answering

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