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5 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

....but Trump sucks. End of story. No amount of gaslighting, deflecting on to Lincoln is going to change he is and will always be regarded as the worst piece of shit of a president. EVER. NONE. 

Hear Hear !

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You know, because I've always thought that Cav really did have a brain, I had a closer look at the photos of the Capitol riot and here's one below from Fox News. Comment after.



Sure are a lot of Antifa at this riot, 

I'm surprised that real Trump supporters haven't been complaining that the supply of MAGA hats and flags and ammo etc,  is all dried up, on account of the Antifa keeping that stuff all to themselves.

And if Antifa and the Demonrats and the Lame Stream Propaganda Media are all in cahoots, why didn't they just pretend to have taken over the government? whilst secretly, actually disrupting the certification of the electoral vote count? Then they really could have something,  to blame the Trump supporters for. 

So the big question is, why did Antifa fail? Why do they want to put down and malign Trump supporters, with a failure? Surely it woulda been better to have succeeded,  so they could then make the Trump supporters look really bad?

arf arf







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Trump's efforts to overturn the result of the 2020 election, on top of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, have cemented his place as America's worst president


Washington, FDR and Lincoln nearly have always dominated the top three slots. Harding has been consistently placed at the bottom, alongside Andrew Johnson (President from April 15, 1865 to March 4, 1869) and James Buchanan (who served from March 4, 1857 to March 4, 1861).

That all changed when Donald Trump came along.


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This one is strange :

Pelosi demands acting Pentagon chief halt his order to NSA to install Trump loyalist as general counsel.

Not Pelosi, but this further installation, of a Trump loyalist who seemingly is unsuited, to a sensitive  position, by 6pm the day before the Inauguration.


Now it could be that Trump is hurriedly "repaying" loyalists for support previously given.

Or it could be that by putting a whole group of unsuited loyalists into key positions, right now, that Trump has a secret secret plan, to somehow overthrow the government at the 11th hour.

Prolly not, but Trump is a gambler, push it till it breaks, maybe it'll work....



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