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I'm not Biden's biggest fan but just about anyone is better than Trump including some Republicans like Romney. I also don't think the Dems will hold on to the Congress in 2 years. I'd be surprised if they keep the Senate and for me, its 50/50 if they keep the House of Representatives. 

If they were smart (and they aren't), the Dems would appoint as many judges as they can to the federal bench. Especially lifetime appointments. Same thing the Republicans did. And they should change the rules towards the end of 2022 back to 60 votes needed in the Senate to confirm judges. It used to be 60 and the Republicans held up everything, so the Dems stupidly changed it to a simple majority. Why do I say it was stupid? Because either party can get a majority. But only the Dems have the capability of getting 60 Senators. The Republicans simply don't have the numbers in the states to get to 60. Mid 50s yes, close to 60 maybe with some luck but not really. Their numbers are decreasing so raise the bar. If nothing gets done, its a price to pay than them being the majority. They have shown they govern as fascists. Don't give them the opportunity. And this is said by someone who supported Republicans from time to time in the past. NEVER again. They have shown themselves to be either spineless cowards, political opportunists with no line that won't be crossed or outright fascists. A very, very few stood up to the bullshit. 

The Dems suck but until we can find a better party, they are better than the alternative. It's like looking at the ballot in 1933 Germany and having to decide between Nazis and the communist party (among others). 

We should at least propose a few constitutional changes. 

1. Give Congress the ability to overturn a pardon with a 3/4 vote in the House and 2/3 vote in the Senate. That bar is set high enough where you will need both parties to do it. Also, if the president tries to pardon anyone that really stinks to high heaven, the Congress who vote not to overturn will be on record. 

2. Make it formal that the president can not pardon himself. 

3. Get rid of the clause of the 13th amendment that says slavery ends except in incarceration. It was put in there in bad faith. Remove it. 

4. Propose to have the day we vote a day off. Other countries do it. Its insane that a person has to work the same day and stand in line up to 3 or more hours for the one right that is the most precious. It's anti democratic. Make it national holiday. 

5. Have the FBI, Attorney General full investigate these supremacists in the various law enforcement agencies and the joint chiefs come up with a plan to eradicate them from the military. The government has long known its an issue. They didn't care because the target of their hate wasn't them but with the Capital building domestic terrorists they now realize they are also targeted so now its a problem. 

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I couldn't resist this ...



Outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump and Ex First Lady Melania Trump exit Air Force One at the Palm Beach International Airport on the way to Mar-a-Lago Club on January 20, 2020  Alighting from Air Force One for the last time, in Florida, Melania is seen,  having changed into a traditional Slovenian divorce dress.

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Trump not being at the crowning of Joe, I think was very very smart move.

It enables to him to show that the "Swamp" (Which he if anyone is most part ofF)is the same Republicans should have boycotted etc etc

We think he's a prick to do so, but his supporters will love it and it affirms his continued comments that the Repub's and Dem's are not representing the people, only he does, ideally under a dictator ship I suspect


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23 hours ago, khunsanuk said:


Excellent. The world does not need more oil pipes polluting pristine wilderness. Switch to renewable energy already!


Renewables providing even a small percentage of power needs is just a pipe dream, what happens anyway when the wind drops and not much sun? If you are afraid of coal and gas running out the only realistic alternative at the moment is nuclear, windmills and acres of solar panels made from quartz and coal just does not work.

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The ONLY reason conservatives in the government  in America are against nenewable energy is because big oil, coal companies, etc pay them to be against it. The ONLY reason why the Republican masses are against it is because liberals are for it. 

I guarantee 100 percent had Trump been for it, they would be for it. Ideology doesn't mean much, its an 'us against them' mindset. The left could be for the sun coming up each day in a public statement and the right would be against it. 

Trump went to the left of Hillary Clinton on a few things during the run up to the 2016 election and not a word of outcry from the Republicans. Both parties are for a massive overhaul of our infrastructure but when Obama wanted to spend on it, they all of a sudden were against it in the Congress. It's all bullshit. It's childish. 

Had Obama pardoned rapper Lil Wayne, it would be a huge issue. Trump does iy and 'see, he doesn't hate Blacks'. But if Obama had done it "See, he's only helping fellow Blacks' Bullshit. Plenty of Republican voters are hunters, campers, spend a lot in the outdoors in Michigan, the midwest, the south, the mountain states, etc. and know the environment is precious but will vote for people who would ruin their own areas they fish, camp and hunt with a pipeline or dig an oil well in the pristine forests they go hunting and camping in. They don't give a shit about the oil and fossil fuels, they give a shit about being against anything that seems near and dear to the left. That's it. Nothing else. I presume some on the left are the same about some things on the right as well. 

I try to be fair. Not a peep from the left when Obama used ICE to deport more illegal immigrants than any president prior....COMBINED. But it was a problem when Trump used them. Hypocritical bullshit. Obama created DACA for illegals who were law abiding and could prove it but if they had a parking ticket (I'm over exaggerating for effect) he sent them back to where ever. 


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