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Cav is correct that Trump can win in 2024. In fact, I'd say if he ran he'd likely win. Just because you can win doesn't win you are best for the country (Bush won twice, Nixon won twice). He will beat Kamala Harris fairly easily I think. Probably beat Biden as well because the progressives farther left won't come out to vote for him. Neither will Blacks. The one person who can run and win as a Dem is maybe..maybe...Bernie. AOC could win. Dems best choice is to go outside of politics and grab a businessman or general. Think outside the box. Maybe a Mark Cuban. He's a Texan so he might be able to carry that state. My best advice is find a brash, crass far left progressive who can match or beat Trump in soundbites, unapologetic and far left. 

If anything, it illustrates vividly that America has past the point of no return from ever returning to any past glory. 

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Hi, Guys, why are you so obsessed with this thread? Why want it locked? Don't like it, just don't bloody read it. Sanuk!  

I do enjoy this guys vlogs. I pretty much disagree with everything he says. But this is very interesting. PS I do like his autoplay video on his home page. I do like his not monetizing the internet

Been a long time. Not surprised to see US politics as the main topic.   Trump - Being President was never Trump's ideas as his goal originally. Trump entered the race for two things. 1. For his br

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday criticized the US response to the Capitol attack, which left five dead and was catalyzed by former President Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election. Among those killed on January 6 was a US Capitol Police officer.

“They weren’t just a crowd of robbers and rioters. Those people had come with political demands,” Putin said, per the Associated Press.

Putin’s remarks came just days after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol were facing “persecution” by the US government. Over 500 people have been arrested and charged with crimes over the riot.

Both Putin’s and Lavrov’s comments play off of a Republican effort to whitewash the events of January 6 as the GOP continues to amplify and enable Trump’s “big lie” that sparked the violence. 

GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia, for example, recently described the riot as “a normal tourist visit.” Similarly, Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin in late May said the Capitol attack was a largely “peaceful protest.”


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I hate to say it, the USA, far from returning to normal, is IMHO, about to face some very big challenges. The list below, is not the challenges, the below are the reasons, big challenges will arise:

1. two very big cyber attacks, the oil pipeline and the meat factories, were "proof of concept", what to do? when the next ones, are electricity, health care, banking? In the middle of a hot summer.

2. a nascent group of leaders and rag tag troops, are ready and waiting for disruption, to storm the seats of government, not in all states, but enough to make a difference. The insurrection on Jan 6 was a failure, but now emboldens the few, who think that there's a future in this behaviour.

3. a world that's sick of the shenanigans and and is prepared to take advantage of any opportunity that presents, see: China, Russia, et al ...

4. a new democratic USA Government that is taking pains to prosecute (proceed) in matters, by the letter the law, and take the time to do so without political interference. This gives the previous folk, time the dress their wounds and re-arm (perhaps literally).

5. a losing party, who are so afraid of splintering their base further, that they will, without fatigue, lick and suck the impotent genitalia of the Orange Don.

6. a grifter who who knows through a lifetime of experience, that despite 9 failures in a row, often the 10th one pays off. And if it doesn't, maybe the next one or the next, especially when they look like they're working, it's silly not to keep them going. The secret of grifting is to never abandon the grift. Until you get locked up. Especially when you've got uncle Vladimir looking over your shoulder.

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Now this would work!!!

Trump is interested in running for House seat in 2022 in a bid to become Speaker and launch an impeachment inquiry against Biden

...Former President Donald Trump has shown interest in running for a House seat in 2022 in a bid to became Speaker and consequently launch an impeachment investigation against President Joe Biden, Right Wing Watch first reported....

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Coss, America is done. I've been saying it for ages. Economically, there are a few huge bubbles that will all be a domino effect on each other. Other countries share some of these issues but America being the largest economy and unable to work together to solve them will not recover I think when the next big crash happens. When I say 'not recover' I mean America will no longer be as relevant after as it was before. 

The Republican party is no longer ideologically the same. They are effectively a party whose primary goal and purpose is to maintain power in a changing America and changing world. This power is ideological, demographical, socio-culturally. They know they don't have the numbers. America is a center left country so they either want their own country or part of America to rule themselves or end America as we know it and start over. Either one means an end to the constitution and the rule of law. In their present incarnation they believe that there are no rules for them. They believe they are in an existential fight. They believe they will never, ever mentally and emotionally live in a left of center America. 

They see the liberal wing of America as not only barriers but the enemy and if they can get away with it will have some form of 'purge'. They have lost all sense of reality. They are more than willing to 'believe the lie' rather than accept the truth. 



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Is she qualified? If not, please sit down and let qualified people stand up.

Lara Trump says her potential Senate run is a 'no for now, not no forever'

  • Lara Trump said she's not running for Senate in North Carolina in 2022, but may in the future.

  • The daughter-in-law of the former president was rumored to be considering a bid.

  • Former President Donald Trump endorsed Rep. Ted Budd on Saturday instead.

  • See more stories on Insider's business page.

Lara Trump announced Saturday evening she would not be running for Senate in 2022, knocking down months of rumors and speculation while leaving open the possibility for a future bid.

"I am saying no for now, not no forever," the North Carolina native told an audience at the North Carolina GOP state convention.

The daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump cited her two young children as the main reasons she wouldn't run. She added that one is just a year old and the other is 3...


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On 6/5/2021 at 5:46 AM, Coss said:

I hate to say it, the USA, far from returning to normal, is IMHO, about to face some very big challenges. The list below, is not the challenges, the below are the reasons, big challenges will arise:

1. two very big cyber attacks, the oil pipeline and the meat factories, were "proof of concept", what to do? when the next ones, are electricity, health care, banking? In the middle of a hot summer.



This is a Global issue not just the USA, it is just that the US has had 2 recent high profile ones but they are going on at a daily basis, just last week some healthcare system in Australia got hit.

Not sure about Heath Care or Banking but do know about Power and other Industrial applications, been in this game over 40 years now. 

I will try to help this short and simple, the Industrial Control System (ICS) is called the Operation Technology (OT) and the Business System Information Technology (IT). OT has very unique Communications Protocols which are very secure whereas IT is, well it is IT.

In the past OT and IT never met, so no hacking issues, a plant manager would get details on his IT system and then either call or walk to the Control Room with new parameter for the operator to manually input into the OT. It worked like a dream.

Then one day the lay plant manager thought, I am too lazy to pick up the phone or to walk 10 paces, why can’t my computer talk to the big computer, and he got the IT guys on it.

That is the weak link IT to OT using IT technology 

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I agree with you about it being IT as the problem.

IMHO the only secure network, is one that has no connection to the world.

And then you've got to police the use of USB sticks, cameras and people, etc.

How do you stop a kid watching TV or playing games? cut off the power.

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