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And that is what we did before Fat Lazy Plant Manager got his way. 
For years no internet connection, floppy drives and USB ports disabled, use of encrypted Zip Drives etc. 

And then IT got involved and started the slow decline of civilization as we know it, it is rather akin to letting someone, whom as child, built a Space Ship out of an old washing up liquid bottle and some sticky back plastic Commander a Space Shuttle, it will end in disaster. 

Bloody IT, think the world revolves around them, bunch of self centered pricks. 

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On the recent global internet outage, affecting some of the big arse sites of the world...

Disclaimer: I've held various IT and IS roles in the past and there are many people, including here on this board, that know more about the topic than I do...

Yep, the amount of IT people, whom I have worked with, whose first action, on being presented with a problem, was not to think about the issue,  but was to look up their course notes, on what ever MicroSoft course they'd completed, is worrying (to me any way).

Like many, who have some passing knowledge, of computers and the "Interweb", many of my friends and family, use me as a source of advice.

One big and recurring topic is "where has my stuff gone?". When I remind them of my previous advice to "always keep a current secure back up and check it frequently", they get embarrassed. 

"But it's in the cloud" - So? That's just someone else's computer, it'll fail just as quickly as yours.

"But they said they guarantee 99.9999% up time". - Hold them to their guarantee then.

"They won't respond to my emails". - Give me your data and a permanent monthly recurring payment of 19.90,  and I'll ignore your emails. I'm cheaper than they are.

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Whilst this is, yet another story, of some of the bad things that Trump got up to, whilst in the seated area of the Whitehouse, I bring it to our valued board members' attention, because I want a name, like this guy - David Vigilante

Trump administration pursued CNN reporter's records in months-long secret court battle

Washington (CNN)The Trump administration battled with CNN for half a year to obtain the email records of a reporter and insisted it all take place under an extraordinary order of secrecy, CNN's lead attorney revealed on Wednesday. 

The pursuit -- which started in July 2020 under then-Attorney General William Barr with a demand for two months' of CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr's 2017 email logs -- continued even after a federal judge told the Justice Department its argument for access to Starr's internal emails was "speculative" and "unanchored in any facts." 

The Trump administration's secret pursuit represents a highly unusual and unrelenting push for journalists' records. It included putting CNN general counsel David Vigilante under a gag order prohibiting him from sharing any details about the government's efforts with anyone beyond the network's president, top attorneys at CNN's corporate parent and attorneys at an outside law firm...


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This is going to sound harsh. This new Juneteenth fed holiday is bullshit. The Congressional Black Caucus' real job is to placate America's 45 million blacks when they have been done wrong but their number one job is to guarantee the black vote. Especially in swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. And now Georgia and North Carolina. In return these politicians get individual benefits such as to chair an important committee, get ambassadorships later on or be on board of directors of big companies and collect a check, be VP, or whatever. The DNC will not help any true progressive black candidate. He or she has to play ball. The DNC is just as anti AOC as the Republicans are because she is a threat to the establishment. She won't take corporate money and that makes her dangerous. The CDC all take PAC money. They don't serve the communities they purport to serve. Any independent candidate gets negated. Money is poured in to make sure he or she fails. 

This holiday is misdirection. Whenever any group is the lowest on the socioeconomic totem pole generation after generation now going into centuries its by design. Appalachia has been poor for about 300 years. Originally Scots Irish, and have been neglected for centuries and are usually the butt of jokes. I've heard various areas of other countries described by Americans as the Appalachia of blah, blah, blah. I've done it. The coal industry even in good times was very tough. The government knew the industry was dying and did nothing to transition it into something else. The late Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia had a high level of power and transferred some federal services to his state. Whenever Americans need an FBI background check it goes to West Virginia for processing not Washington DC. But that only produces so many jobs. There is a county in Kentucky, 99 percent white, 99 percent Republican and almost everyone on welfare https://www.aljazeera.com/features/2016/11/8/inside-owsley-americas-poorest-white-county

There is  reason Blacks as a collective have been on the lowest socio-economic level. The few times Blacks have tried to create their own economic independence such as Little Italy, Chinatown, etc, its targeted in a variety of ways. Pre World War two prospering black areas were simply burned down and attacked or some other subterfuge (Wilmington NC, Tulsa Ok, Rosewood, Fl, Manhattan Beach, Ca...formerly Bruce's Beach, black family Bruce, etc.) 50s the freeway expansion cut through any black business area (Overtown, Miami, Central Ave LA etc. ) these days there are other things. 

Infrastructure could be a fantastic start to help reverse the lot of America's generational poor. Both parties know this and its a win-win all the way around. The biggest no brainer for the economy. Use American companies, America's low and unskilled labor. You can pay someone who is currently on welfare, 15 dollars an hour to simply wear a orange vest and hold a 'Detour' sign. All the money stays in America if done right. We learned that in FDRs programs during the depression. It staved off starvation for millions. 

But instead of a sort of 'Marshall Plan' for America's poor and especially America's black poor, we get offered a bullshit national holiday. Personally, I'd be more than willing to get rid of MLK's birthday holiday, Black History Month and this bullshit for a real, honest plan that addresses endemic and systemic issues. 


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I also believe reparations are owed. In large part for continued endemic and systemic targeted post slavery. 100 years of apartheid including policies that stunted or denied growth. 60 years of either targeting (mass incarceration, institutional targeting, etc) or simply neglect. 

I'd limit beneficiaries to those that 1. Can trace their ancestry to slavery on both sides of the family. 2. Are identified legally as Black (birth certificate, driver's licenses, government documents). 3. You would have to apply and legally be held responsible for fraud. 

Controversial to some, not to me. ;)  More than willing to hear counter arguments. 

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Although I've stated on numerous occasions America is on a non stop decline. I would suggest some things to stay the decline and hopefully end it but the ending would mean a complete cultural change in America. 

1.Cut the military budget in half. Close or greatly reduce most of the various military installations around the world. This would not include everything. I would increase the VA funding. Military that fought and died for America's mostly failed modern wars should have the best care of a grateful and guilty nation. Any vet who has seen combat and been in a combat zone should have free medical care, including dental, psychological counseling, etc. 

2. Medicare for all. And I would try and partner with Canada on some things like pharmaceutical discounts, etc. 

3. Massive infrastructure spending. Start with projects in the poorest areas of America, inner city, rural poor. Only use American companies who will hire American citizens first and foremost. 

4. Using carrot and stick policies make green energy a state, local and federal policy. Have a time table where pretty much all government vehicles are green, be it hybrid electric cars or whatever. Mail trucks, federal vehicles for the bureaucracy, all government agencies. Solar panels on government buildings in the south or southwest where they get more days of sunlight than elsewhere or wind energy where they get more like Maine, Vermont, mountainous areas, etc. 

5. High speed regional trains. NY to Washington DC is a given. Stops in north Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, limited stops to smaller areas like Wilmington NJ. 

....just a start.

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Republicans not wanting to investigate the January 6th Capitol Building invasion in large part because most Republican voters were in favor of the riot and wants more probably is the biggest, overt indicator, America is done as a Republic. You simply can't have a functional representative government where roughly 45% of the people have no issue in violating its canons. And they are all okay with that. The Republican masses know that America in its present form and trend, won't survive and they want to rebuild something, anything where they get to run things. 

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