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5 hours ago, Coss said:

What I was focussing on, was your assertion that all the fellow Africans had to do was "sell" the unfortunates into slavery.


Re read the article it states Europeans did not capture the slaves themselves but bought from African Tribal Leaders.

I don’t know how it works down under, but in the rest of the world in order for something to be bought it has to be sold, hence Africans we’re selling African slaves to the Europeans.

On could argue that the big bad white Europeans increased the trade with the Atlantic Slave Trade, but only. because blacks selling blacks already existed in Africa. The white man did not invent the slave trade.

Try telling that to the radical marxists who fly under the banner of BLM and they just ignore you, it goes against their rhetoric that the whites were the slave traders.

Who is worse, the drug user or the drug dealer? 

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I accept your premise that Africans sold Africans. 

My assertion is, that it was not only, or not even predominantly, persons of African origin, except maybe, as manual labour or slaves, doing the bidding of Foreigners.

All the reading I've done, has the Slavers, or "Blackbirders" (in the South Pacific) as Non locals, that have enlisted locals, to help and facilitate the practice.

So paul101's post implies that it was solely Africans doing this. I don't agree.

On 6/25/2021 at 1:41 AM, paul101 said:

Why more handouts for wannabe victims just because a couple of hundred years ago fellow Africans sold their fore bears into slavery


14 hours ago, Mekong said:

it goes against their rhetoric that the whites were the slave traders.

informational pic below, are the Portuguese white?


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But the white slave traders were only the middle men. Without the African tribesmen and leaders offering slaves for sale the Atlantic Slave Trade would not have existed

To use my drug dealing analogy again, the Africans were the Pablo Escobar’s of the day and the white Europeans were just mules.

The reason I use the drug analogy is because later when the UK banned slave trading they converted the ships to cargo carriers taking UK silver and Opium from Ceylon (Now Sri Lanka) to China. Buying Chinese Silks, Spices and Tea etc with the Silver and then selling the Opium to get all the silver back, this was the basis of the Opium Wars, basically the UK had a nationalised drug trade, the biggest dealers on the planet. Queen Victoria was the Pablo Escobar of the day.

And the buggers have the cheek for fining you for a joint haha.

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On 6/24/2021 at 11:14 PM, Coss said:

Proof? Whilst this possibly may have happened, in isolated instances,  It is generally accepted that enforced slavery, i.e. capture and chaining; was the predominate method of gaining slaves,  not just in the African arena, but throughout time.


Hey Coss, Can you tell me any institutionalized slavery industry in Africa before the Arabs and Europeans were there? Yes, slavery happened on every continent. But I'm talking about it as an industry. I'm at a loss with respect to Africa specifically, where slavery prior to the Arabs and Europeans was reduced to POWs who eventually became part of the tribe, intermarrying, etc, and many returning years later. Because as you know there were no walls or barriers separating these tribes.  Also, as I understand it the enslaving powers gathered slaves one of two waves. Directly or extorting/paying one tribe to enslave its rival or neighbors. Basically, someone is going on this slave ship. You or the other guy. 

Finally, I find it interesting that someone would indirectly justify enslavement of people they now call their descendants supposedly fellow citizens. Furthermore, if we are going to use the 'well, they were involved too', then can neo Nazis justify the holocaust because its fact that a few Jews helped the Nazis get other Jews? As well as some German Americans, American citizens, fought for the Nazis? As well as Italian Americans for  the fascists in Italy. Does that justify the Nazis? or the other way around? Not sure. 

So, is the assertion some are making that American slavery isn't wrong if any Africans in some form or fashion? Or that American blacks can't state that America enslavement was wrong if Africans were in the process at some point? 

I've actually been to Cape Coast in Ghana, a British slave fort. Took the tour, talked to local people as well as others in Accra, the capital. Apparently they were given no choice and the biggest tribe there, the Ashanti, fought the British initially. And then were forced to help in the trade or end up on the ship themselves and 1000s were anyway. 

Interesting. It's all very interesting. It explains the Republican support though. 


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Another thing Coss, there are stats and damn lies as the saying goes...sorta. Hmm...slavery in the areas now deemed USA started at least in 1619. America as we know were British until 1776 but in reality until the war ended in the early 1780s. The importation of slaves ended in 1809 (by the British) to the Americas. So, America imported the lions share of its slaves as a British colony. And if we use 1776 as a start, then the USA proper imported slaves for...hmmm...carry 24...plus the 9...carry the 1, okay, 33 years. So, in that chart, does America get credited for slaves since 1776 or 1619? 

Hmm...just wondering. Because I don't think it was put up there to gaslight and even so, Its "only" 377k, so, was it really that bad? 

I'd also like to add that what made the slave trade in America uniquely bad was that your progeny were slaves forever. Even the children of slaves in Arabia were deemed moslem and thereby protected by the Quran. Not that the Arabs treated slaves with anything other than brutality. Just saying. 

Also, two other things. If one can think of any form of depravity today. These thoughts and acts in mankind are centurie old. Imagine such a person on his own plantation, with legal ownership over other humans and being free from any consequences to carry out any depravity? Including raping little boys or girls. And also it might be added, very unique that they enslaved their own children borne from rape. Its hard to find the same done in other places. Not even the Arabs. 

Secondly, the issue isn't just slavery. Slavery ended 150 years ago. Had the enslaved or their progeny been afforded full rights and justice and fairness offered to any other US citizens INCLUDING immigrants who came later, I don't think it would be such an issue. It seems in America conservatives try to reduce it to slavery and it was so long ago but knowingly exclude that the legacy of slavery includes another 100 years of government apartheid, institutional, systemic and endemic regulations, laws, etc, designed specifically to marginalize those descendants. Including up to today in EVERY institution. 

A few examples. Its been proven that black homeowners routinely have agencies undervalue their home, even in a hot real estate market and there are untold billions as a collective lost in the sale of the home. Now, their property taxes seem to be assessed fairly though..hmm..wonder why? 

Every major bank (and numerous regional banks), Bank of America, Wells Fargo, every single one, if you google has been fined for lending discrimination. Charging higher interest rates for the same financial background and credit rating. The car loan industry has an even more egregious history. Education? Hmm....black boys as young as Nursery school are suspended from school in all socio-economic groups at multiple higher than any other group. Interestingly enough almost all are done by the so called "Karen" teachers. My cousin teaches 4th grade in Philadelphia and said she has many students who were suspended by "other" teachers and she's never had to once. Wonder why? 

Employment? You can google multiple studies where 2 sets of CVs are sent to a company with equal backgrounds. One with a British sounding name. The other with a name you may see in the NBA. Guess who got called in for in interview about 8 times more? Its a tough one. 

Law enforcement? As you know by now I've posted a link numerous times on the FBI 2006 report about white supremacists joining law enforcement in large numbers. Darrell Wilson who murdered Mike Brown for example, came from a police department that was not only corrupt but also found to have KKK members. But that was left out of the main media, even the so called 'liberal media' like CNN. 

The amazing thing is there hasn't been more violent uprisings. The far right stubs their toe and there is a mass shooting. They aren't being killed. They think I can't have that 24th gun to make it a clean 2 dozen, welp, I'm going to shoot up a shopping center. Blacks in America would love to have their problems. Wonder if they are up for a trade? 

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12 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

So, is the assertion some are making that American slavery isn't wrong if any Africans in some form or fashion? Or that American blacks can't state that America enslavement was wrong if Africans were in the process at some point? 

Being one of the some, as you put it, am not saying American slavery wasn’t wrong ot it was OK because Africans were involved.

I am merely saying that many Blacks, especially BLM and the Statue Topplers point the finger directly at the White European and give it this “White Privilege” crap whilst ignoring the fact of African involvement in the trade

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in the efforts to attribute blame or at least negligence in care, of our fellow humans, we're all guilty of forgetting that early Egyptians, Phoeniciana, Vikings et al, were right into it.

In fact Trog, was prolly the earliest progenitor, when he returned from slaughtering the tribe on the other side of the mountain with some fine young tail.

And the zoologist in me, that once was, notes that ape and monkey societies, to this day, wallop the opposing adults, in other troupes, so that they can "adopt" the babies and young females as their own...

I can't say it's a new fad, that one or other creed or demograph have invented.

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With respect to history and lower species, mankind has progressed. And societies deem themselves enlightened. Does a truly enlightened society enslave others? Modern enlightened societies are inclusive are they not? 

They battle the base instincts we haven't been able to remove genetically. Domination (unless she's dressed in a German military officer's uniform and orders you to call her Frau Mistress), random and arbitrary violence, removal of justice, fairness in all institutions but most importantly in the legal system. 


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