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OK, how's this for Dumbass, from the mouth of Trump:


In a recently released transcript of a deposition as part of a lawsuit filed by a group of protesters who alleged they were assaulted by Trump's security guards at a 2015 campaign rally, the subject of fruit -- and fruit being flung, in particular -- came up.

Here's the full -- and fully epic -- back-and-forth between Trump and Benjamin Dictor, an attorney representing the protestors. 

Dictor: Okay. And you said that, 'If you see someone getting ready to throw a tomato, just knock the crap out of them would you.' That was your statement?

Trump: Oh, yeah. It was very dangerous. 

Dictor: What was very dangerous?

Trump: We were threatened.

Dictor: With what?

Trump: They were going to throw fruit. We were threatened. We had a threat.

Dictor: How did you become aware that there was a threat that people were going to throw fruit?

Trump: We were told. I thought Secret Service was involved in that, actually. And you get hit with fruit, it's -- no -- it's very violent stuff. We were on alert for that.

Trump attorney Jeffrey Goldman: A tomato is a fruit after all, I guess. ... It has seeds. 

Trump: It's worse than a tomato, it's other things also. But tomato, when they start doing that stuff, it's very dangerous. There was an alert out that day.

Dictor: Who were you speaking to when you said ...

Trump: The audience.

Dictor: So you were speaking to the audience when you said if they saw someone getting ready to throw a tomato, just knock the crap out of them, would you?

Trump: That was to the audience. It was said sort of in jest. Buy maybe, you know, a little truth to it. It's very dangerous stuff. You can get killed with those things. ... I wanted to have people be ready because we were put on alert that they were going to do fruit. And some fruit is a lot worse than -- tomatoes are bad by the way. But it's very dangerous ... they were going to hit -- they were going to hit very hard.



There is a long history of American politicians being barraged by fruit. 

Richard Nixon was hit by "eggs, tomatoes [and] vegetables" in an anti-war protest in 1970. He survived.

Tomatoes were thrown at then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's motorcade during a 2012 trip to Egypt. She was not hurt.

In 2009, a protester threw two tomatoes at former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at the Mall of America in Minnesota. He missed. Both times.

And perhaps the most famous incident involving a politician getting something thrown at them happened on December 14, 2008, when an Iraqi journalist threw not one, but both of his shoes, at then-President George W. Bush. Bush ducked.

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And just in case you though that Trump could be given a little leeway - 

Here's how close the USA came to Putin-esque military operations.


Esper described a situation in which the then-president, four years into his term, told his Defense secretary that he believed the Mexican government lacked sufficient control over their own country. As such, as Trump saw it, the United States could “just shoot some Patriot missiles” into Mexico and destroy drug labs.

We could do this “quietly,” Trump told Esper, adding that “no one would know it was us.” According to the plan, Trump would simply deny responsibility when asked about the missile strike.

In other words, as recently as 2020, the commander in chief of the nation’s most powerful military, thought it’d be a good idea to launch Patriot missiles — which are not intended for ground targets — into an allied neighbor’s country, to kill non-military targets, at which point he’d lie to the world.

The then-cabinet secretary, not surprisingly, initially thought the then-president was kidding. When it became clear that Trump was entirely serious, it fell to Esper to steer him in a saner direction.

Let’s note for context that the claims included in Esper’s book were thoroughly vetted by the Pentagon. Axios reported this week that as part of the clearance process, “the book was reviewed in whole or in part by nearly three dozen 4-star generals, senior civilians, and some Cabinet members.”

In other words, it’s not as if Trump’s allies can just easily dismiss the former Defense secretary’s claims as ridiculous tales...

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No, despite the apparent P.R. success of the Steven Joyce incident. Other protests in NZ have been largely - also ran -.

The media haven't seen the novelty, of ladies carrying dildos in public, then there's mud, paperwork and more recently bricks and faeces thrown at politicians and parliament.

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