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Global RIP thread


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  • 4 weeks later...

Koh Samui + Heart Attack get you thinking.

Agree Kong the greatest ball ever bowled. What was more amazing it was his first delivery on English soil. Gatting couldn't believe what had happened.

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My dad played tennis with Marsh, said he was a brilliant tennis player, doubles match, Marsh stood in the centre of the court so dad just whacked down the tramlines, Marsh was there instantly


After the doubles game, it was some mixed tennis and sports lead up to the Davis Cup, dad told Marsh how good he was and has he ever thought of being a tennis player? (Marsh's older brother was a professional golfer making a lot more $'s than Rodney)


"Yeah all the time, when I was 12 I had the choice to go Tennis or cricket, I'm a lot poorer for going with cricket"



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