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Global RIP thread


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Didn't have much time for her either but she was a good singer and too young to die. Being married and divorced to that druggie twat Blake Fielder-Civil can't have helped her.


I didn't either at first (I hate her biggest hit 'Rehab') but when I heard 'Tears Dry On Their Own', I changed my mind. It's a magnificent song. I know some of the credits went to the writers of Ain't No Mountain High Enough but really it sounds nothing like it, it's a completely different song in itself and a better one. Back to Black isn't bad either. Great singer.


Sayjann, I thought of that when I heard just now too. You forgot one, Jim Morrison of The Doors, 27 too.


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Hardly a fantasy world, she could have had the fantasy most young people dream of.

It's easiest to say that people with an addictive personality belong on the garbage heap though.

Sure is, I said it :beer:


But should we feign any admiration for their made up worlds? ... if your a good singer, great, a nice way to make a living, but they are not gods or spiritual leaders of great thought. Also, a self addicted drug addict who acts like a whore is not what I would consider a great fantasy world.


Would you want your daughter to live the life she did, I don't think I would want that for my daughter. She had one big hit, and has been described as a great singer but for what - dead at 27?


I do like my music, and it is sad when those who you grew up with pass away, but of natural causes. I have never been one to put up rock stars as some form of demigods.


But yes, a sad end to a short life :beer:

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