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1 hour ago, paul101 said:

Child prodigies are quite common, true genius is rare-

For an English speaker you are struggling to grasp the basics of out language,, Prodigy and Genius are two separate entities. It is a simple trap for the uninitiated to fall into

What is the difference between Genius and Prodigy?

• Definition of Genius and Prodigy:

• A genius is someone who has exceptional abilities in terms of creativity and intellectual capacities and even out of the box thinking.

• A prodigy is someone who masters a discipline at a very young age. He displays the mastery of an adult in a specific field

• Age:

• A genius is not confined to an age limitation.

• A prodigy refers particularly to a child or a person below the age of 18.

• Originality:

• A genius is very much original.

• A prodigy has the exceptional talent of an adult in terms of performance and creativity, but may not be original.

• Abilities:

• A genius creates new knowledge and think out of the box. The exceptional abilities he or she possesses are innate.

• A prodigy may not create new knowledge or think out of the box. Also, the abilities can be innate or may be developed due to the environmental factors


Genius     Albert Einstein

Prodigy    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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