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You Pay Them To Leave

My Penis is hungry

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Yes that old pun, uttered to a Swedish model after getting screwed by boy band member.


'He didn't mention that he had a fiancée': Swedish model Martina Olsson claims 'Zayn Malik cheated on Perrie Edwards after bedding her TWICE in Thailand'



But she adds that she bedded the singer again after he paid for Lauren to leave in a taxi at 5am.


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This is junk mail from "Pretend to be male."


Completely disjointed, without enlightening explanations. It is assumed, everyone knows who is Martina Olsson.

Not to mention, who is Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards, and which may mean in this context "Lauren".


„Pretend to male“ this is bullshit and has nothing to do with sanuk in Siam.


Live from Hamburg

Nasiadai – Bakwahn – Charly

Hamburg – Bangkok – Duesseldorf

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