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The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread


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The algorithm of the ether, presented the whale YouTubery to me, when I was reading about, all the Montana MAGA folk, getting out their 50 cal sniper's rifles, from behind the bookcase and rushing outside, to shoot at the balloon.  Obviously prior to the balloon drifting to the Atlantic, where the fighter jet shot it down with a half million dollar missile.

Overkill I thought.

And there it was, exploding whale....

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Better yet is Trump “ This would never of happened during my administration, I would have shot it down instantly”

A US military intelligence report from last year that focused on China’s use of high-altitude balloons mentioned sightings in Hawaii and Florida during the Trump presidency, according to an excerpt of the report reviewed by CNN.

The April 2022 report, titled “People’s Republic of China High-Altitude Balloon,” found a Chinese spy balloon “circumnavigated the globe” in 2019 – while Donald Trump was president – at an altitude of roughly 65,000 feet, and “drifted past Hawaii and across Florida before continuing its journey,” the US Air Force document states. 

The Air Force intelligence report is the first indication that the US military was aware of Chinese spy balloons well before the latest incident.

However, it is not clear from the documents when US officials first became aware of the Chinese flights or what they assessed regarding their purpose.


schadenfreude at its finest

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