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The Anything Goes Youtubery Thread


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It’s a no Brainer to learn a trade over attending Uni, at the end of apprenticeship you are qualified, working and debt free. Also not all Tradies stay as Tradies it is just a first step on a Career ladder, I should know over 40 years ago I started out as a Technician on the tools. Us ex apprentices joke about Uni Grads that “They can calculate the volume of a jar of jam but can’t get the bloody lid off” I.e know the theory but no practical experience.

Also Chaygpt is unlikely to take your job, I have never seen a computer wire a light or unblock a toilet.

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I must have been about 17 when an old hand in is 60’s told me that one, it has stuck with me for life.

Another one he came out with was when he was doing some work on electronic equipment using the wrong tools, caused a short circuit and a puff of smoke. Well the distinctive smell of burning shellac on a circuit board he just said, “By heck that’s an expensive smell” 

Whenever I smell that smell, I always say, “Expensive Smell” 

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I drive sometimes a mates merc with the auto stop, lane changing, parking, 


It is a bit annoying, and I feel I get too lazy, it does steer itself around corners, slows down and speeds up and stops and starts by itself, 


Same in a rental Kia Carnival I hired, 


I think we get lazy


That all said I do like the idea of autonomous cars, but I suspect they will need something like transponders to communicate with each other

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