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No, it brings down the cost of launch for ANYTHING.  Go out to Swampypoom sometime. Park where you can see the ramp. Look at all the airplanes. Think about how much air travel would cost if each o

I urge the thinking amongst us, to read the article at this link and the follow-ups as they come.   There's more to Mr Musk, than is evident in an initial observation.   http://www.huffingto..._b_

We should put our names on the list for Mars - we could open it's ... wait for it ... 1st red light district.

This Wait but Why person is a good writer.


There was on flaw in the 'We will colonise Mars' piece.


The reason Mars' atmosphere is gone is that it's magnetic field is stopped or weakened or some such. I can't see anyone working out how to make a new, planet sized magnetic field.


So any and all colonisation will have to be under glass.


Unless I tell them my secret for re-melting planets' cores and getting them to spin.

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