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What Cell Phone Do You Have ?

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I use a couple of cheap smart phones for emails, phone calls, games, web browsing, etc. I can't bring myself to spend hundreds of $ when I can get the job done using my $20 ZTE or LG using Android 4.1 OS.


A few months ago, I was getting a foot massage for 100 Baht in Pattaya and saw the massage girl take out a $500 Iphone from her purse -- it didn't surprise me (but she may have been massaging more than feet to be able to afford it).

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recently got an iphone 5s on contract replacing my nokia lumia 520 which i just had unlocked to use on my travels which replaced my old nokia which wasn't a smart phone and couldn't connect to the interweb.....i do like my iphone and the feature find my phone so i can stalk my daughter with her iphone 5s!!!

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