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I'll Be Back! Back In Sea


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I repeat what I wrote last year, one year ago.



Guys, I'm coming, I have just bought the ticket!

Stir the drums, paint the town red!



On the 30th of December 2016 I'll be in Krung Thep.


I stay in SEA 3 months. January, February, March 2017.

Sure, I'll come to Pattaya, too.


Where I will be on 31 December; old years eve?

I give you 3 guesses!



live from Buxtetown along the river Este

Nasiadai alias Bakwahn

Hamburg Bangkok Düsseldorf

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I'll spend Silvester (= last day of the year; named after Pope Sylvester) in the bars at Nana Plaza.

But I will not spend much money there! I'll not drink a lot in the bars. And no lady drinks any more! I am finished with lady drinks.

This is my protest against fully inflated prices!



Or I'll be with my Thai friends and their families.

Eating, drinking, chatting, indulging in old sweet memories, telling old stories, showing old pictures of Hamburg and the port.

View pictures of Germany and marvel at images as we were 22, 18, 15 and 10 years younger than today.


That depends on the planning and invitations of or to my Thai friends.


Live from the university library of Düsseldorf


Hamburg Bangkok Düsseldorf



PS: a few notes additionally

Pretending To Be Male:

Pictures of girls are not allowed here. I posted long and deteailed reports with lots of pictures of my girls on another board.

Which board? Well, well that remains my secret.


Flashermac, it was nice to meet you. It is always interesting to put faces to names.

Sorry for my limited English. But I warned you before. My spoken English is very limited.

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Christmas is coming, is around the corner, and a few days later I'm in Krung Thep; so God willing.

Sure, a visit of Nana Plaza is on my to-do-list.


On Monday, January 2, I will go to Pattaya together with a good Thai friend; by the way: he speaks excellent German .

For 4 days. What will be after this, I do not know ...


Live from Buxtetown on the river Este


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The "religion of peace" has stroke now in Berlin. The Islamic terror brought about a massacre.

A Tunisian has driven a truck into a Christmas market.


This is the thank-you-gift, that Germany has accommodated over 1 million Arabo-Islamic refugees in the last 2 years.


Ich habe keine Lust mehr ... ===> I do not feel like it anymore ...

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