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I'll Be Back! Back In Sea


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My first night at Nana Plaza.


Guys, I am back home. After two days – 48 hours or more – no sleep, no rest I am back, I am back at my beloved Nana Plaza.

From Hamburg to Düsseldorf – to my family – from Düsseldorf to Frankfurt Flughafen (airport), to China(!!!), from China to Krung Thep.

Oh my goodness.


I had a great evening in the bars and with the girls.

I spent the rest of my money from last March, last holidays. So it was an inexpensive evening; 55555


Many girls recognized me, came to me with a smile, hugged me, kissed me. They remember me as “lady drink kingâ€.

Oh my goodnees! I am an old man now. After my stroke I am a cripple, a crip, a crimp, to say it in a degoratory way.

I am not in my heyday in more. I am not 38 years any more when I came for the first time to NEP some 25 years ago.

Young, strong, healthy, powerful. Where has remained my time?


A nostalgic look back:

I was polite, kind to the girls, always. I have always behaved like a gentleman towards the girls.

But I was also very demanding. I fucked them 5 – 6 – 7 times in a long time. We celebrated a fuckfest till the next midday the room-service relentlessly knocked at the hotel door, shouting:

“Stop fucking now. I must clean room!â€

I was in a paradise consisting of girlfriend-boyfriend-experience, mutual take care feeling, a sea of tenderly emotions and fucking good sex.

And the girls did not want to go!!! They wanted to stay with me!

They hugged me, kissed me whispering in my ear: “I want to stay with you. I like you.â€

ok. ok. I stop now indulging in sweet reminiscences.


Yesterday I was the „Lady-Drink-King“ only. What a descent!

I feel as if Bayern München would relegate from Champions League and Bundesliga to 3 class liga.


Nana is rocking! The bars are full of girls. They are waiting for you.

I was in Spankys. Lady Ploy does not work there any more. She finished. What a pity!

Then Angel Witch; all ladies in black. Then Sexy Nights – I know many guys dont like that bar. I don't care what others say.

Point. Out. Finish. Basta. End of discussion.

London calling. The old Hollywood Rock. Some girls and service girls remembered me.

Suckers. My lady – now 40 years, big plastic tits – still working. Many beautifull girls. Go there! My recommendation.

The best line up right now. Here are some gems.

Bangkok Bunnies. To big,to large. My opinion only.


I went home. 13 hours sleeping.


Today – Sylvester, old years eve, 31.12.2016 – I am with my Thai friends and their families.

Flashermac knows one of them, the pilot of Thai Airways.



Live from Soi 4 – 31.12.2016

Nasiadai – Bakwahn

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