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5 hours ago, Coss said:

Stabbing attack at Sydney church as police counter angry crowds::  Seems the 15/16 yr old boy stabber, had to be shielded inside the church by police as an Assyrian mob turned up to Lynch him, but then had to be satisfied with clashing with the police outside.

Why would you attack the Police and Paramedics who have come to assist the injured.

They did get some retribution though. Parishioners held him down and cut off 2 of his fingers 😳

The bishop is a bit of an extremist nutter and Assyrians in general are hard to feel sympathy for given their misogynistic culture.

There is no universal timeline for evolution.

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6 hours ago, Coss said:

*note to Australians- Don't consume mushroom drinks or any other "alternative and holistic" health remedies, unless you've seen the practitioner, consume them first and then survive for 24 hours...

I retract - it transpires that the woman who died was a Kiwi.

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