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Isn't providing false information on your arrival card enough to have your visa cancelled? He signed it and my understanding is only infants are allowed to have someone else fill it out.

Apart from that the guy is an arrogant knob.

This pretty well sums up your question Coss


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According to This Article the exemption from vaccination having had Covid is only a Victoria State rule for access to the Tennis Stadium, it does not over ride Federal rules that all non residents have to be fully vaccinated.

As for lying on his declaration forms, many if not most people guilty of such are let of with a slap on the wrist or a fine of a couple of hundred dollars, if Border Force Australia is to be believed,but since, as Bust rightly pointed out, he is an arrogant knob head and they do have the discretion to pull his visa, which was a great excuse to prevent outrage in Melbourne after the lockdowns as MPIH noted.

On the “Had Covid” line, is there any proof he actually has had Covid apart from his saying “I have Covid”  a couple of days after it first emerged he wouldn’t be let in last month, all very fishy to me.

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The Minister has come out and confirmed the government wants him go E as he may invite Anti-Vaxers to cause trouble. 


They've back down on the application charge as obviously that didn't win. 


This is all politics, election coming up and a strong anti immigration Minister always looks good and gets votes

Sad really


As if thw10% unvaccinated are going to be incited by Djickhead


But then again, everyone is believing every piece of social media instead of standing back and seeing the real situation


Right wing pollie with an election coming


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On 1/16/2022 at 3:14 AM, My Penis is hungry said:

But then again, everyone is believing every piece of social media instead of standing back and seeing the real situation

It's not just Social Media that is reporting, it's mainstream (normal, reputable) media also.

Now he's been deported ...

The Serb departed Australian shores late on Sunday, bringing to an end a saga which started on January 6 with Djokovic’s 10-hour stand-off with the Australian Border Force at the Melbourne airport.





Ending this episode, of the hypocrisy of the tennis ace, who has a history of calling on others to respect the rules, while flouting them himself.

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Yes, and a major win for the right wing pollies who  now look great in upcoming elections.


Anyone coming to Oz knows they have to get a visa before coming here except the sheep huggers


It's all politics. The bloke won, the Minister overruled because the government feared he's cause anti vax riots. With more than 90+++% of Victoria vacinated, what a Smoke


You'd been naive to think just because it's driven mostly by Murdoch press it's unbiased political reporting


Again, the blokes a fuckwit, but it's all about politics


This sums it up (parody I assume)


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I am sure that Australia, like many other countries, a visa does not guarantee entry, it is down to the discretion of immigration personnel.

I have seem, on Border Force Australia, people who have a visa and have been denied entry for some other reason such as, Insufficient Funds, Criminal Record, LYING on Application or Declaration Card.


PS I am Pisces the Wife is Gemini, god held society if we go on a Natural Born Killers Spree.

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